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Concrete Sealing

Protect your concrete with EverLine Coatings. Defend against water, chemical, and  UV damage, while enhancing its beauty and longevity.

Be Confident in the Integrity of Your Concrete with Reliable Concrete Sealing

Have you ever wondered how the best-maintained commercial properties keep their concrete surfaces pristine year after year? 

The secret lies in regular and professional concrete sealing! For commercial property managers, preserving concrete surfaces’ aesthetic and structural integrity is crucial for curb appeal and long-term cost savings.

Discover how EverLine Coatings’ expert concrete sealing services can elevate the longevity and appearance of your property’s concrete surfaces, from parking lots to walkways, ensuring they withstand the elements.

Why Choose EverLine Coatings for Concrete Sealing?

Concrete is a porous material prone to cracking or staining from rain, snow, flooding, heavy loads, and oil or chemical spills. Fortunately, concrete sealing provides a reliable solution to this problem. During concrete sealing, a protective, waterproof coating is applied to concrete surfaces, like pavement, sidewalks, and driveways, from parking lots to warehouse floors, to shield them from damage from the elements as well as foot and vehicle traffic.

Regular concrete sealing with EverLine Coatings is a wise investment if you’d like to:

  • Prolong your pavement’s lifespan.
  • Improve your property’s curb appeal.
  • Reduce maintenance frequency and costs.

How Often Should I Seal My Concrete Surfaces?

Concrete surfaces should be sealed every 2–5 years. However, this is a general guideline. The frequency at which your parking lot must be sealed will depend on the following factors:

Concrete surfaces

should be sealed

every 2–5 years. 


If your business is in a region with rapid temperature fluctuations, exposure to ultraviolet rays, or other intense weather conditions—consider sealing your concrete more frequently. Concrete sealant provides a protective barrier against the effects of freeze-thaw cycles, helping to prevent costly damage from moisture penetration.


Does your parking lot see a lot of vehicle and pedestrian traffic daily? If so, your concrete will need sealed more frequently. High-traffic parking lots tend to experience more regular wear and tear, which can lead to surface deterioration.

Sealer Type

Not all sealers are created equal. Different types of sealants, from acrylic and epoxy to penetrating and surface sealants, have varying levels of long-lasting protection. The appropriate sealant for the pavement depends on the concrete’s condition, traffic volume, and the desired appearance. 

Sealer Quality

Similarly to choosing the right kind of sealant, you’ll also want to choose the right brand. Selecting a high-quality adhesive will extend the length of time you can go between sealant reapplications. Cheaper sealants may be budget-friendly, but they won’t last as long. You’ll need to reapply them more frequently, which costs you more in the long run.


Do you perform regular concrete and parking lot maintenance, which includes tasks like pressure washing to remove oil stains? If so, you’ll likely be able to extend the length of time between concrete sealing services—but if not, unaddressed cracks, stains, and other issues can lead to an urgent need to seal more frequently.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing your concrete is an important part of parking lot pavement maintenance.  Unaddressed dirt and debris can reduce the lifespan of your concrete and require more frequent concrete sealing services and further maintenance services.

Which Concrete Sealants Can You Choose from with EverLine Coatings?


Penetrating sealants infiltrate concrete surfaces, forming an invisible chemical bond that protects against moisture damage while providing a natural matte finish. In other words, it does not change the appearance of the concrete. Densifiers and hardeners are penetrating sealants used to “dustproof” concrete surfaces, prevent tire markings, or harden concrete floors before polishing them. 

A penetrating concrete sealant should be applied to all exterior concrete surfaces exposed to harsh weather conditions—including sidewalks, parking lots, concrete driveways, and patios—to prevent cracking and staining from moisture, chemicals, and salts.


Surface sealants—otherwise known as film-forming or topical sealants—form a protective film on a concrete surface. They’re often used for decorative purposes or interior concrete floors.

Asphalt Sealcoating

For asphalt parking lots and property management, check out Everline Coatings and Services’ related asphalt sealcoating services.  Keep your parking lot looking smooth and clean for longer with our premier sealcoating services.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Concrete with EverLine Coatings

Long-term pavement maintenance solutions that produce a return on investment, like concrete sealing, are a smart investment to extend the lifespan of your concrete surfaces while improving their safety, longevity, and curb appeal. When you’re ready to enjoy these benefits from concrete sealing—call us at EverLine Coatings!