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Asphalt Sealcoating

Protect your pavement surfaces with asphalt sealcoating to create crisp, renewed surfaces that prevent cracks and potholes while improving curb appeal.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Commercial Parking Lot with Uniform Sealcoating

Have you recently seen a dull gray, crumbling parking lot full of potholes? If so, you already know what neglected asphalt looks like—and, as a responsible property owner, you probably want to do everything possible to prevent your parking lot from meeting the same fate!

We have just the solution for you—asphalt sealcoating. This preventative, cost-effective service from EverLine Coatings extends the lifespan of your pavement, preventing damage from the elements, traffic, oils, and chemicals.

What Is Asphalt Sealcoating—and Why Is It a Worthwhile Investment?

Sealcoating is a waterproof sealant applied to parking lots and other paved surfaces to create an eye-catching, uniform surface. The benefits of sealcoating are most effective when cracks and potholes in the pavement are adequately filled beforehand with our crack-filling and pothole repair services.

Here’s what makes parking lot sealcoating with EverLine Coatings a brilliant investment for property owners in Canada:

asphalt sealcoating services from EverLine Coatings

Moisture Blockage

Sealcoating fills in the small cracks in your parking lot to prevent moisture from soaking underneath and causing foundational issues beneath the surface. It also creates a barrier to protect asphalt from other damaging substances, such as fuel spills, salts, and chemicals.

Damage Control

Oxidation from the sun’s ultraviolet rays can make asphalt prone to developing cracks and potholes, crumbling or hardening, and can even turn it a chalky shade of gray. Sealcoating slows the oxidation process to keep your parking lot looking as good as new.

Lasting Appeal

After investing in cost-effective asphalt sealcoating, you’ll find that your parking lot has a longer lifespan, is more attractive to clients and tenants, and prevents damage, saving you money, time, and hassles on parking lot maintenance down the road.

man spraying sealcoating solution on asphalt

Why Choose EverLine Coatings for Asphalt Sealcoating in Canada?

As the industry leader for pavement maintenance in Canada, here are some unique benefits of asphalt sealcoating performed by our highly specialized crews.

Technical Expertise

Pavement maintenance isn’t just another service we offer. It is the service we offer. At EverLine Coatings, we have a deep technical knowledge of traffic paints and coatings. Other contractors simply can’t compete with our industry-leading expertise and wealth of experience.

Long-Term Solutions

We understand your pavement is a significant business asset, but you don’t always have time to think about it. We offer long-lasting, asset-minded solutions—like asphalt sealcoating—to help your parking lot generate a great return on investment with no hassle while you’re juggling other important business tasks.

Lasting Performance

Since we use such high-quality products for sealcoating and our other pavement services, you’ll only need to seal your parking lots every three years to keep them in great shape!

Our Asphalt Sealcoating Work

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Other Asphalt Maintenance Services

Repair broken asphalt and eliminate hazardous road conditions for vehicles entering your property with our comprehensive asphalt maintenance services. From filling potholes to repairing cracks, we utilize proprietary techniques that create a durable and long-lasting repair. Say goodbye to unsightly and dangerous road imperfections with our professional asphalt pothole repair and crack filling solutions.

Smooth Out Pavement Surfaces with Parking Lot Sealcoating from EverLine Coatings

Don’t leave your asphalt to be a victim of the elements, oil spills, and vehicle traffic. Invest in asphalt sealcoating to secure the future of your parking lot with a smooth, protective surface. Request a quote today from EverLine Coatings!