Asphalt Repair

Whether it’s potholes, a lot of cracks, settled-dips in the road, or tripping hazards, EverLine’s asphalt repair team is ready to serve you with professional and durable infrared asphalt repair.

About our Asphalt Repair Services

In order to serve our clients better, we operate by repairing asphalt via infrared repair. The infrared process works by utilizing a proprietary process where the repair area is heated up, reworked, rejuvenated and compacted. This provides a permanent, seamless repair that recycles the existing asphalt – making it a very green alternative to the traditional “mill and fill” repair system. It is a process that is saving our clients money all across the board, especially when combined with an ongoing asphalt maintenance program or any of our other pavement maintenance services.

The infrared waves raise the temperature of the asphalt progressively without overheating until the desired temperature is reached – typically 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit. The infrared waves penetrate to the depth of the top course of pavement which melts the asphalt as it is absorbed into the aggregate. The typical surface layer of the 2-2.5” (the entire surface course) is heated sufficiently for re-working. The result is the asphalt equivalent to fresh plant mix. In most cases, fresh mix is added from a heated hot box to bring the grade of the patch to the proper height. The patch is then compacted to form a seamless, watertight patch that will allow no water penetration to the seam.

Why Should You Choose EverLine's Infrared Asphalt Repair?


There are a number of great reasons why you should choose our infrared asphalt repair services for your parking lot, driveway, or asphalt pavement:


Repairs can be made in a fraction of the time of conventional repair work such as asphalt paving.  Your asphalt surface can be opened to traffic within 30 minutes of the completion of the repair.


Infrared repair creates thermal bonding with the surrounding pavement, making the repair an integral piece of the pavement.  This means no seams for water to re-enter and cause joint failure.


Most existing asphalt is recycled, leaving little or no waste material.  The material being hauled away can be reduced by up to 95%


Repairs are fast and simple. All it takes is less than 20 minutes and three EverLine team members for a typical repair.


Infrared repairs often only need one truck and one asphalt compactor.  This eliminates all the machinery typically associated with conventional repairs.


Savings realized in materials, manpower, machinery and convenience makes infrared repair the most cost-effective way to repair your asphalt in both the short term and the long run.

Why Choose EverLine?

At EverLine, our commitment to high-quality asphalt repair services is what lets us stand out from our competitors in the paving industry. Our CORE quality system allows us to ensure we exceed our client’s expectations and maintain the high quality of our work. Our CORE quality system stands for Clear Scope, Operations Reports, Reach Out and Evaluate. Adhering to this system ensures our clients are always involved in the high-quality work we are completing and that our clients can ensure quality throughout all the steps of our services.

The EverLine team has invested considerable resources and time researching the best methods and new ideas for your asphalt repair. We are utilizing state-of-the-art technology and equipment to discover the most cutting-edge asphalt repair methods for your next project. You can be at ease knowing that you are saving money and getting a high-quality/great-looking repair that is easier on the environment than alternatives.

Infrared-Asphalt Repair

We are the Asphalt Repair Experts

At EverLine, we are known across Canada as experts in asphalt repair and parking lot maintenance. What makes us experts are our years of experience and vast expertise repairing all types of asphalt surfaces and properties, along with our in-depth training programs. This means that our pavement repair capabilities are extensive, and our crews are able to complete projects of any size for municipal, commercial, and residential clients. Whether you need asphalt repair for a commercial parking lot, an asphalt driveway, pathways, walkways, or roads, you can rely on our knowledgeable asphalt repair experts.

To ensure our asphalt repair services are effective and provide a high-quality end result, highly trained crews are necessary. This is why we have made a commitment to ensure all of our asphalt repair crews are properly trained and are provided with the best asphalt repair equipment available. No matter the property and no matter the type of surface, our crews are guaranteed to meet the demands of each project, do a great job, and get your asphalt looking like new.

How to Prepare

To ensure our crews can provide effective asphalt repair services when they arrive at your property, there are a few steps you can take to prepare.

  • Ensure you notify any tenants or residents that asphalt repair is being done
  • Close off the repair area so that vehicles do not park on top of the asphalt that is being repaired
  • Ensure surface is clear of obstacles and debris

Asphalt Repair Pricing

At EverLine, project pricing is determined on a per-job basis. Depending on the volume, difficulty, traffic and materials being used on-site, pricing can fluctuate. To ensure the best pricing and provide dependable quotes, we require a detailed summary of your potential project and a budget you need to work within. If you are interested in receiving a quote on repair or maintenance projects, please contact us. We have worked within a wide variety of budgets and can work with you to find pricing that will work for your business.

Asphalt Repair Services