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Asphalt Crack Filling

Strengthen and extend the lifespan of your asphalt parking lots and other paved surfaces with EverLine Coatings’ asphalt crack filling services.

Lasting, High-Performing Asphalt Crack Filling for Commercial Properties

Your parking lot endures a lot of wear and tear daily—resulting in unsightly, problematic cracks that you shouldn’t overlook. Left untreated, 75% of cracks turn into potholes in just 1-3 years—leaving your parking lot difficult to navigate and increasing the likelihood of liability risks.

Get a lasting solution that keeps your pavement in top shape. EverLine Coatings reliable, durable asphalt crack-filling services will transform your parking lot, protect it against damage, and give you peace of mind in your property’s long-term value.

Asphalt Crack Treatment that Delivers Lasting Smooth Surfaces

Heavy trucks, constant traffic from cars, and moisture in the air all combine to form cracks in your pavement’s surface. As moisture penetrates asphalt, it breaks down—and Canada’s freeze-thaw cycles only worsen this damage over time. The longer those cracks are allowed to exist, the bigger they get—leading to damage that degrades your parking lot. 

With our innovative, proven parking lot crack repairs, paved areas will perform as good as new in no time. 

  • First, we thoroughly prepare the pavement by cleaning its surface of dirt, dust, and debris with an air compression tool.
  • Next, we eliminate any vegetation in the broken asphalt and ensure the surface is dry and ready for treatment. 
  • Then, we insert a proprietary fill material into the crack from edge to edge, which creates a lasting bond with the surrounding asphalt.


Crack repairs are also a necessary step to preparing your pavement for our asphalt sealcoating treatment, which helps to prevent moisture from causing cracks in the first place.

This process is quick and painless, and your parking lot will be ready for traffic use within 6-8 hours or less.

parking lot crack filling services by EverLine Coatings

Our Asphalt Crack Filling Work

Before After blackhorse parking lot before asphalt crack filling servicesblackhorse parking lot after asphalt crack filling services

Why Choose EverLine Coatings to Care for Your Asphalt?

At EverLine Coatings and Services, we provide innovative, premium solutions that give you longer life, greater value, and top performance from your asphalt year after year. Our CORE Quality System® not only delivers superior results but also ensures you stay in-the-know throughout the process. Count on us to give you:

Time-Saving Project Management

With EverLine Coatings, you won’t be left wondering when we’ll respond to you. We ensure that you stay in the know at every step of our services, and our project managers handle all the details—so you can focus on other tasks.

Asphalt Care Expertise

Our team is highly trained in all things pavement. We bring our deep knowledge of asphalt to your property, so you get premium, durable pavement you can count on. And we use only materials and approaches that will deliver the highest results.

Lasting Solutions that Yield Long-Term Value

Your parking lot is a valuable asset that deserves protection. Our proven pavement treatments deliver years of high performance. We outdo the competition, ensuring your return on investment in your asphalt is as strong as can be.

Get Lasting Performance from Asphalt Surfaces with EverLine Coatings and Services

Solve parking lot problems for good! Enjoy long-lasting value and premium performance from your commercial property’s paved surfaces with our proven asphalt crack filling and maintenance services.

parking lot crack filling services by EverLine Coatings