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3 Important Steps of a Parking Lot Maintenance Routine

Unfortunately for property owners, parking lots don’t maintain themselves! They need some consistent TLC to keep from looking dirty and rundown.

Your parking lot is the first thing that your visitors see when they arrive at your property. This means that a clean, well-maintained parking lot is crucial to ensuring a solid first impression for your business or property. It only takes a few seconds for a person to form a first impression and first impressions can make a big impact on behaviours. When it comes to your parking lot, it’s better safe than sorry!

Regular parking lot maintenance doesn’t only make your property look great, but it can also extend the life of your parking lot. This has the added benefit of saving you money in the long run. Who doesn’t want a maintenance routine that makes your property look great AND saves you money?

So, what do you actually need to do to keep your lot in tip-top shape? We’re here to give you a lay down on the parking lot maintenance routine you need to impress your visitors and extend your parking lot life.

Step #1: Parking Lot Sweeping

If your parking lot looks a little worse for wear, parking lot sweeping is the first step to getting your lot back to its former glory. It’s also the service you need to book before a parking lot maintenance team can complete any other services.

Over time, parking lots accumulate a lot of dirt and debris, especially over the winter months. Parking lot sweeping helps to remove debris from your lot, curbs, and the edges of your building. This service not only makes your parking lot look much cleaner but also leaves a clear surface for other services, such as line painting, to proceed efficiently and effectively.

When Should You Book Parking Lot Sweeping Services?

How often? This varies depending on the amount of traffic that your parking lot receives. The average frequency of this service is twice a week, but you may wish to book this service more or less frequently depending on the amount of debris in your lot.

What order? Parking lot sweeping services should be booked before any other parking lot maintenance services.

What time of year? As long as there’s no rain or snow, sweeping can be performed any time of year!

Step #2: Asphalt Sealing & Crack Filling

Man spraying sealcoating on asphalt surface

The next step in your parking lot maintenance routine is asphalt sealcoating. This is the most important step to prevent pavement damage and prolong the life of your asphalt! The process involves spraying an asphalt-based waterproofing material over your pavement surface. This seals the small cracks in your asphalt and stops water from seeping into the subgrade base (which can cause more cracks and potholes). As an added bonus, it gives your parking lot a fresh new eye-catching black-top.

Asphalt crack filling can also extend the life of your parking lot. This process involves filling in the cracks in your asphalt to prevent water deterioration. This also protects your subgrade base which allows you to repave your parking lot less frequently.

When Should You Book Asphalt Sealing & Crack Filling Services?

How often? For best results, we recommend booking your asphalt sealing and asphalt crack filling services at least once a year.

What order? Book a parking lot sweep right before your asphalt sealing and crack filling services to ensure that your lot is debris-free and ready for service.

What time of year? The spring and fall are the best times for crack filling and asphalt sealing. Cracks tend to be widest in winter and narrowest in summer, which typically makes fall and spring the best of both worlds.

Step #3: Parking Lot Line Painting

Two parking lot line painters painting lines in a parking lot

Repainting your parking lot lines can make a huge difference on the curb appeal of your property! Freshly painted lines make your parking lot look brand new and make it easy for your visitors to follow your desired layout.

Over time, lines fade due to a number of factors, including traffic and weather. If your parking lot lines are difficult to see, it can reflect poorly on your parking lot maintenance and may cause traffic and parking issues. That’s why it’s extra important to stay on top of this aspect of your maintenance routine.

When Should You Book Parking Lot Line Painting Services?

How often? This will depend on the type of parking lot line paint used and the amount of traffic that drives through your lot on a daily basis. Water-based line paint is often used in areas with less traffic and typically lasts less than a year. TBL Durables line paint may be used in higher traffic areas and can last up to 3 years.

What order? We encourage property owners to book a parking lot sweep before their line painting services to ensure the lot is free from debris. If you are planning to do asphalt sealing or crack filling around the same time, it is best to book these services before having your lines repainted.

What time of year? The type of line paint used on your parking lot will determine whether you can get your lines repainted in colder seasons. Water-based line paint cures at temperatures above 10°C, so it is typically done in late spring or summer. TBL Durables can cure at temperatures as cold as -10°C, so it can also be used in colder months as well as spring or summer.

EverLine is Here for All Your Parking Lot Maintenance Needs!

From sweeping to asphalt sealing, crack filling and line painting, we’ve got you covered at EverLine Coatings and Services! We’ve got everything you need to properly maintain your parking lot and keep it looking great for anyone who visits.

Our experts are highly skilled and thoroughly trained in all things parking lot maintenance to ensure that you get the same great results every single time, no matter which service you book. We also have the most premium materials, the best equipment, and the lowest prices to work within your budget and deliver some stellar results.

Contact us today to start your new and improved parking lot maintenance routine with EverLine!

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