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Preferred Sign & Bollard Cover Installation in Ottawa

At EverLine we have experienced crews who can install any type of signage on your property. We also offer installation services for a wide variety of bollard covers.

EverLine Ottawa's Sign & Bollard Cover Installation Services

As an Ottawa property or facility manager, you know there’s a lot of competition out there for commercial businesses. That is why it is so crucial your property makes a great first impression. How safe your parking lot appears can be how customers judge whether they want to visit again!

That’s why at Ottawa’s EverLine Coatings, we are experts in sign and bollard cover installation to make your property safe, well-maintained, and easy to navigate. 

Parking Lot Signs

Easy-to-Read Sign Installations

Parking lot signage should be more than an afterthought for your Ottawa property! Bright, clear signs are imperative to keep your parking lot looking its best and prevent hazards for drivers and pedestrians by directing them where to drive and walk. The signs in your parking lot also enforce property rules and designates crosswalks and accessible parking spaces.

Install Bollard Covers to Reduce Your Parking Lot Maintenance Costs

Bollard covers, sleeves that slide over and protect bollards, are an excellent way to reduce your parking lot maintenance expenses. When your bollards are protected, they are more resistant to wear and tear, such as vehicle bumps and fading from the weather. That means less frequent scraping and repainting! Bollard covers also serve an aesthetic purpose for your Ottawa property, improving the appearance of your bollards and enhancing your brand.

Parking Garage Signage

Choose EverLine’s Parking Lot Sign & Bollard Cover Installations for Exceptional Results

Ottawa residents get to enjoy gorgeous rural spaces, walkable urban areas, and a variety of shopping and restaurants. As a property manager in this friendly city, you want your patrons to feel welcome by providing a well-maintained parking lot.

At EverLine Coatings Ottawa, our experts provide sign and bollard cover installation services that are unparalleled in the industry. We are 100% committed to making your life easier! We’ll make sure your project is coordinated smoothly, so you focus on other responsibilities. And after our work is complete, we will give you a full evaluation including before and after photos to ensure you got exactly what you paid for! Contact us to request a quote.

Parkade Signage

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