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Preferred Slip-Resistant Floor Coating in Ottawa

 EverLine’s slip-resistant floor coatings help to keep customers and employees safe on your property. Get in touch to protect your Ottawa business.

Increase Safety with Slip-Resistant Floor Coating Services

Ottawa is a city with a lot to offer for business owners, whether you run a retail store, processing plant, or healthcare facility. You can join the vibrant small business community, attract almost a million friendly residents to your business, and spend your time off enjoying a fantastic city. However, it can also be competitive, and every aspect of your business needs to be up to scratch. With slip-resistant floor coatings by EverLine, you can impress your clients and customers, helping them to feel safe and welcome on your property.

Protect Your Business With Slip-Resistant Floor Coatings

If you want your business to be a success, slip-resistant floor coatings are essential. Snow, rain, and moisture can pool on your floor and make it dangerous and slippery, especially in Ottawa’s cold winters. Spills from customers and employees can also contribute to accidents.

A bad slip or fall on your property can really damage your business reputation and can be very upsetting for customers and employees. A slip-resistant floor coating will keep everyone on your property safe all year round.

Indoor Coating

EverLine offers versatile non-slip coatings for indoor application, that are suitable for all floor types. As well as floors, we can apply our effective coatings to any walls or work surfaces to suit your needs.

Outdoor Coating

Outdoor areas can also get slippery and pose a danger to customers. Consider applying our coating to high-traffic areas like walkways, stairs, bike paths, sidewalks, and crosswalks to reduce the risk.

EverLine's Additional Flooring Services

EverLine offers a range of additional flooring services, aimed at making your commercial flooring both safe and visually appealing.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Our epoxy floor coatings make your commercial flooring safe, attractive, and easy to clean for the ultimate convenience.

Interior Line Painting

We’ll help you create an interior line scheme that helps to eliminate confusion and bottlenecks, improve productivity, and keep your employees safe. Our lines are bright, durable, and can withstand heavy traffic.

Why Choose EverLine For Slip-Resistant Floor Coatings

EverLine is an industry leader with a deep understanding of different products and techniques. We build out full specifications for every project to make sure it’s carried out in the best way possible, using only the best products. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to reduce disruption to your business, and we’ll finish with a full report to ensure you got exactly what you paid for.

We understand how worrying the prospect of a fall on your business premises can be, especially in rainy, snowy Ottawa winters. By choosing EverLine’s slip-resistant floor coatings, you’re making an investment in your business and helping to keep all users of your business safe. If you’re interested, get in touch to discuss your options.

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