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Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Sealcoating in Kingston

Whether you own a business or are a property manager, once the spring rolls around, it’s time to book asphalt sealcoating for your parking lot. Kingston asphalt service summer schedules fill up quickly, as property owners want to ensure they protect their parking lots. Here we explain why Kingston summers are ideal for asphalt sealcoating and its importance.

What is Asphalt Sealcoating?

Asphalt sealcoating protects Kingston paved surfaces from the damaging effects of the elements, UV rays, and chemical leaks. The protectant is necessary to help restore the asphalt binders that weaken over time. Once the sealcoat is applied, it rejuvenates the protectants, making pavement more pliable and helping improve durability. It also creates a more even, deeper appearance to your parking lot for added curb appeal.

Why is Asphalt Sealcoating Essential for Kingston Parking Lots?  

Kingston is known for its harsh, long winters. Because the area experiences extreme temperature fluctuations between October and often well into May, paved surfaces experience months of damaging contraction and expansion. Asphalt develops cracks over time, allowing water and moisture to penetrate the surface below. The water is trapped here, and when temperatures drop, the water freezes. 

Freezing causes expansion, putting force on the paved surface above. When the temperature rises enough to allow the ice to melt, the pavement then contracts. The ongoing process of freezing and thawing creates a heaving motion that causes cracks in older, weakened pavement that lacks flexibility. Kingston parking lots are put under tremendous strain because this can continue for eight or more months at a time.

Why is Summer Important for Kingston Parking Lot Sealcoating?

Because of Kingston’s long and volatile winters, there is only a tiny window of opportunity for the sealcoating process. The summer provides the ideal conditions as warm, dry weather is best for parking lot sealcoating. Kingston summers help ensure the following conditions:


Unlike spring and fall, when there is always the chance temperatures will drop below 10 degrees Celsius, the summer all but guarantees temperatures will at least remain in the high teens. Cold weather prevents sealcoating from adhering to the surface and curing quickly, which means it won’t be as effective

Although sealcoating often dries in hours in ideal conditions, it’s always best to give it a good 24 hours to really cure and provide proper protection. Spring and fall might provide hot days, but there is a good chance that temperatures will get dangerously close to 10 degrees Celsius in the wee hours of the morning. You might even see freezing temperatures, which interfere with curing and increases the risk of the sealcoat washing away when the ice melts.

Dry Weather

Dry weather is also critical for proper application. Summers tend to have consecutive sunny, dry weather days allowing the sealcoat to cure without the risk of rain damage. Because qualified sealcoating services in Kingston will reschedule if the weather doesn’t cooperate, there is less risk of delays in the lazy, hazy, sunny days of summer.

Longer Days

With longer days, the summer also provides more sunlight to help the curing process. If sunlight does not penetrate the sealcoat, it can take days to dry, and in some cases, consistently poor weather can result in a sealcoat that never cures at all.

Why Your Kingston Parking Lot Needs Summer Sealcoating

Kingston asphalt sealcoating is an essential step for parking lot maintenance. It is a cost-saving step that helps reduce repair costs by preventing damage between coats. As a result, you spend less over the life of your parking lot. Well-maintained parking lots are also safer. They aren’t riddled with potholes that can lead to trips and falls or cause costly vehicle damage. 

Instead, the lot is even and smooth, with clearly marked lines that tell visitors where to go, improving traffic flow and keeping pedestrians safe. The sealcoat also protects against fading, so the colour of your asphalt remains consistent and attractive for added curb appeal. However, to reap the full benefits of sealcoating, you need ideal conditions for proper application. Summer offers higher temperatures, reduces the risk of rain, and has longer days to increase curing time.    

As you can see, summer asphalt sealcoating offers the best conditions to create durable protection for the fall and winter ahead.

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