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Regular Line Paint Vs. TBL Durables: Which Option is Best?

Line painters using TBL durables to paint a crosswalks

When it comes to choosing a line marking paint, not all line paints are the same. Here at EverLine, we are Canada’s foremost expert when it comes to road markings and therefore, road paint as well. We understand that different aspects of a line painting job require different features in a line paint.

In this article, we will go through the unique benefits and disadvantages of TBL Durables and regular line paint to help you decide which option is best for you.

Regular Line Paint

First, let’s take a look at regular line paint because this is the type of road paint that most people are familiar with.

Line painters using line paint to paint a crosswalk

What is Line Paint?

Line paints are one of the most common ways to line and mark your property, whether you’d like to refresh the lines in your parking lot, mark special lanes, curbs, pedestrian areas, speed bumps and much more. Line marking paint helps identify areas and improve safety.

There are a couple of different types of line paint, including water-based and oil-based paint.

Oil-based Line Marking Paints

Solvent or oil-based paints are composed of numerous chemicals that become a homogenous solvent when mixed. The majority of the oil-based paints contain some form of organic or petroleum oil. But back in 2010, the Government of Canada cracked down on VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and therefore banned oil-based traffic paints, meaning that this type of road paint is no longer an option.

Enter Water-based Paint

There is another option when it comes to line paint options: water-based or water-borne traffic paint. Compared to oil-based road paint, water-based paint has a much lower VOC rating and is considered to be more eco-friendly.

The way water-based paint works is as the paint dries, the water within the paint evaporates, which then leaves behind a durable paint coating.

The Pros of Regular Line Paint

Regular line paint has some redeeming qualities when it comes to its application. The standard traffic line paint is designed to work well in lower-traffic areas.

Although line paint can increase the visibility of lines and layouts in parking lots, the pros of regular traffic paint are significantly smaller than other alternatives such as TBL Durables.

The Cons of Regular Line Paint

Regular traffic line paint has a fair bit of cons that come along with it. Although it does have some practical uses, the list of negatives do warrant some consideration.

The first con of line painting is that it doesn’t perform well in high traffic or even medium traffic areas.  It’s average life expectancy is less than a year and can even be as low as 6 months when applied in medium to high traffic areas. 

Secondly, the cost of water-based paint is well above the traditional benchmark when compared to other traffic paint alternatives (such as TBL Durables, which we’ll discuss later on!).

In addition to a higher cost, water-based paint also has one of the higher VOC ratings. The VOC rating for water-based line paint comes in at 150 g/L, which is better than oil-based paint but still not great compared to other options. So, not only are water-based paints high in price, they are always high in VOCs. 

Next, water-based paints have a significantly longer drying time, clocking in at  60-120 minutes. This dry time is 15 times longer than oil-based paint or TBL Durables. 

Another element that needs to be considered is the fact the water-based paint also has a high risk of spreading as well. 

When Should You Choose Water-Based Line Paint?

The more honest answer is there are better line paint options available. As we’ll discuss below, TBL Durables has more benefits and advantages over water-based paint.

However, there are some cases when water-based traffic paint is a suitable option, such as when you are painting speed bumps or curbs. Also, you cannot experience the benefits of TBL Durables when it is painted on top of regular line paint. If regular line paint already exists on your lot, you may as well just stick with that option before you repave or until your lines fade completely! 

TBL Durables

A TBL Durable bike path and crosswalk

TBL Durables is a revolution in the road marking industry. The name says it all!  The reason TBL Durables are an industry leader is that they are incredibly durable when compared to other alternatives. The technology within TBL Durables makes them more resistant to harsh weather conditions and incredibly eco-friendly. 

What are TBL Durables?

TBL Durables are made of a sprayable liquid that cures within 5-10 minutes of being applied. Once applied and cured, TBL Durables become a hard plastic that is capable of resisting wear, providing greater reflectivity and being more durable than any other alternative.

The Pros of TBL Durables

There are many advantages to choosing TBL Durables. The technology behind TBL Durables makes them stand out against the competition in a variety of areas.


TBL Durables has one of the lowest VOC ratings, which reduces its impact on our environment. Compared to oil-based paints which have a VOC rating of 480 g/L and water-based paints which follow up at 150 g/L, TBL Durables come in at 50 g/L, making them the most environmentally-friendly line paint on the market.

Longer Life Expectancy

TBL Durables have one of the best life expectancies. On average, TBL Durables last for 3 years. When you choose TBL Durables, you also reduce the frequency that you need to repaint your parking lot, parking garage, or property. This will save you a lot of money in the long run!

More Precision With Less Chance of Spreading

Another benefit of TBL Durables is that they have a low risk of spreading which means that you can have more precise application. Not only will your line painting project last for years, it will look amazing as well.

Fastest Drying Time

When compared to their oil-based or water-based counterparts, TBL Durables has the fastest drying time by far. This line marking paint is cured completely within 5-10 minutes of application.

Lower than Benchmark Price

Finally, on average TBL Durables is priced well below the average benchmark price for traffic paint. In combination with their long life expectancy, this will also help your business save money in both the long and short term!

When Should You Choose TBL Durables?

TBL Durables is a wonderful solution for those who need to mark lines or lanes in high traffic areas, want an environmentally-friendly solution, and an affordable price. Durables line paint provides convenience that is combined with affordability, making it a great option for almost every application.

Which Traffic Paint is Best?

Here at EverLine, we are Canada’s authority when it comes to line painting and traffic paint. Our years of experience have allowed us to be able to fit the appropriate paint to your project. We would never recommend a paint that does not fit your needs to a tee.

When it comes to water-based traffic paint, this paint is ideal in painting curbs and speed bumps but has limited practicality in other line painting projects.

While on the other hand, we recommend TBL Durables for all line painting projects. The long life expectancy, durability, affordability and fast drying time make TBL Durables ideal for custom stencil projects, crisp parking lot lines and new layouts as well. 

How EverLine Can Deliver Outstanding Line Painting Results

EverLine has been painting lines since 2012. We understand our industry and we know our products like the back of our hands. Our crews are specialized in line painting and are capable of any kind of line painting project. EverLine takes pride in our in-depth training, and our track record of success exemplifies this. No matter the type of surface, our expert crews can handle it. We have extensive experience and knowledge of all kinds of traffic paint projects and can help you choose the right paint for your project. Contact us today for all of your traffic painting needs!

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