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Parking Lot Line Painting in Kelowna

At EverLine, we are known throughout Canada for our high-quality and professional line striping, custom stencils, and parking lot line painting services. We only use the premium materials and equipment to ensure remarkable end results that work within your budget. We are glad to provide all pavement marking services to our clients in the beautiful Kelowna BC area.

About our Kelowna Parking Lot Line Painting Services

Line Painting Pathway

EverLine Coatings and Services first began as specialists who supplied outdoor lane line painting for parking lots as well as roadways across Canada. We built ourselves on efficiency and quality work, we use multiple crews capable of working 3-4 locations in order to ensure that all of our parking lots and roadway marking projects deadlines are met. Having a large network of experienced and professional line painting crews allows us to provide quick responses to any line painting project you may need to be completed on short notice.

We are proud to offer high-quality work done by veterans with years of experience in the trade who always place extra attention on customer service and satisfaction.

Why Choose EverLine?

At EverLine, our mission is to ensure that high quality is systemized. We are continually innovating. We will always be here to answer the call whenever our customers need us. We only operate with the top-of-the-line line painting products and equipment.

When it comes to service, we approach it with a small business mentality to ensure customer satisfaction. We capitalize on using our multi crews in the most efficient manner, by utilizing their expertise and manpower we are able to complete numerous projects all at the same time.

EverLine is proud to be one of the highest volume paint purchasers in Canada, this grants us the benefit of passing these savings on to our customers too. When you choose Everline, not only are you getting quality work and a wide variety of services, but also a company that is familiar with different budgets.

TBL Durables

In order to ensure the highest quality and greatest durability of our line painting projects, we use TBL Durables. This line painting product is far superior to the other line painting alternatives on the market because it has a longer lifespan, can dry more efficiently, and is built to withstand harsh Canadian weather conditions. The use of this superior product helps us stand out from our competitors as the top line painting company in Canada.

We are the Line Painting Experts

At EverLine, we have decades of experience in providing parking lot services that have unmatched durability. No matter the surface type (such as a driveway, speed bumps even asphalt painting), we have already completed similar jobs and are ready to do it again!

As is common with any type of parking lot maintenance services, sometimes repainting is necessary. We are capable of repainting parking lot lines, curbs, stenciling (with a range of customization and colours), crosswalks, arrows, you name it, we’ve can handle it.

Thinking about implementing a new layout? No problem! Our experience makes us the right choice to help you plan and execute your new layout. We always ensure that our end results always gleam with quality and professionalism.

How to Prepare

In order to maximize efficiency when it comes to your line painting or striping service, there are a few actions you can complete prior to our crew’s arrival to help things move smoothly and according to schedule. Firstly, it is absolutely essential that the parking lot or area that will be painted is thoroughly swept beforehand. EverLine also offers a selection of pavement maintenance services such as parking lot sweeping as well.

Secondly, please ensure that all vehicles and obstacles have been cleared or minimized. By completing this, it will help guarantee that there are little to no obstructions to our equipment. Finally, it is highly recommended you inform all tenets and motorists that there will be ongoing line painting, this will help prevent distractions and unnecessary stops.

Line Painting Pricing

At EverLine Coatings and Services, we do better than just regular competitive pricing. While other companies offer flat rates, we understand that these projects and jobs fluctuate based on volume, complexity, traffic, and materials being used on-site. Since we have decades of experience, we are capable and adaptable to work with your allotted budget to ensure that you receive an affordable price without compromising the quality of workmanship or materials. We make every effort to ensure we understand the scope of your project, if you are interested in getting a quote, contact us today.

Line Painting

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