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The Effects of Interior Line Painting on Efficiency & Safety

Forklift Markings

Interior line painting is something employers and employees tend to overlook and take for granted. To them, it’s just there; an everyday thing that’s part of their daily routine. No matter how unimportant they may seem, they play a significant part in ensuring a workplace’s safety and efficiency.

Industrial Safety

In an industrial environment, there is a lot of foot traffic and is busy with lots of moving parts: people, forklifts, heavy machinery, etc. People are rushing to get around the factory or warehouse and with no set places to maneuver around, it turns into chaos.

The purpose of interior line painting is to prevent people from running into each other and having designated spaces that are safe to move around in. Forklifts and moving machinery should all have their own spaces and lanes. Injuries from heavy machinery are preventable and industrial interior line painting does just the job.

Interior line painting also designates storage areas for machinery and hazardous wastes so only permitted employees are allowed in there. Only qualified employees who are certified to work there should be the ones to access them. Without markings, it could be easy for a new employee to get lost and accidentally step into a prohibited area.

Warehouses are extremely prone to injuries but having a line painting plan in place is the easiest way to avoid preventable incidents.

Warehouse Efficiency

Not only do interior line-markings help ensure safety, but it helps give the foundation for efficiency. Line markings help provide clear guidelines on where things should be and what routes an employee should take. It removes the confusion of “where do I store this?” or “how do I get there?” Think of it like planning a road trip with a map vs. without a map. The destination is easier to reach with a set route in place.

As a result of a high volume and busy environment, traffic flow will play a major part in efficiency. It will be important to identify bottlenecks from places around the warehouse and create an interior line marking plan to avoid these bottlenecks.

Choices to Consider for Interior Line Painting

Is the layout of your workplace permanent? Do you plan on shifting things around once in a while? Do you need to change the layout every month? Interior line painting doesn’t have to be permanent if you don’t need it to be. Depending on your needs, there are solutions to suit your needs. They range from temporary painting that can handle the abuse of the factory floor but can be easily removed to permanent line painting that can withstand the wear and tear of heavy machinery on it.

Industrial Painting Examples:

Line painting doesn’t have to look dull. Here are some line painting examples that standout and look professional.

Forklift Markings
Factory Floor Interior Line Painting
Efficiency Interior Line Painting
Safety Interior Line Painting
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