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How to Protect your Businesses Parking Lot: Coatings, Parking Blocks, Speed Bumps & More

Cracked Asphalt

Parking Lot Protection in Canada

At EverLine Coatings and Services, we offer some of the best parking lot protection services for businesses in Canada. Whether you need a parking bollard, parking blocks, speed bump, parking lot lines painted, or signage installed, the experts at EverLine have you covered. Our parking lot service crews have been specializing in parking lot safety for a decade. They know the rules, regulations and driving laws of each province and can help you improve the safety of your parking lot.

Parking Block Installation

Parking Blocks

Parking blocks are essential when it comes to protecting your parking lot and business. Although many motorists are careful drivers and avoid hitting things to protect their own vehicles, some motorists aren’t as careful and can accidentally bump into things. Because of this, our parking lot protection experts can install parking blocks to protect your parking lot and property.

Our parking lot safety experts place parking blocks a safe distance away from walls and other parts of your property that we are looking to protect. Our parking bumpers come into contact with the wheels of the vehicle in that particular parking stall and will stop a vehicle from rolling forward. In doing so, our parking blocks prevent vehicles from rolling too far forwards and potentially damaging the vehicle in that parking stall or your property.

Our high-quality parking blocks are Canadian made and last significantly longer than the products that are offered by our competitors. This is to withstand the forces and the weight of vehicles rolling into them on a regular basis. Our parking blocks have been designed to withstand the use that a busy parking lot can have here in Canada. Parking blocks are great for protecting curbs, sidewalks, walls, or objects that could be near the parking lot on your business’s property, and are an essential part of parking lot protection.

Speed Bump Installation

Parking Lot Speed Bump

Speed bumps play a fundamental role in controlling traffic in your parking lot. Going too fast in a motor vehicle is one of the leading causes of accidents in Canada. To prevent motorists from going too fast, speed bumps can be installed to force drivers to slow down. The idea behind speed bumps is that they are harmless to roll over slowly, but can be hard on a vehicle if the vehicle hits them at a high rate of speed.

Controlling the speed of motorists with speed humps enables drivers to stop quickly in the event of an emergency and effectively prevents speed related accidents from occurring. Why run the risk of accidents happening on your property when speed bumps can be installed? One accident could have negative implications in terms of your liability or cause costly damage to your property.

To prevent any liability issues and any costly repairs to your parking lot or property, the parking lot specialists EverLine Coatings and Services can strategically install speed bumps to slow down traffic in high-risk areas. By slowing down motorists, we can significantly reduce the likelihood of a speed related accident or collision that could cost your business thousands of dollars.

We install high-quality Canadian made speed bumps to control the traffic on your property. Our speed bumps are made with quality materials and have been built to withstand the demands of a busy parking lot in Canada. These speed bumps are guaranteed to last a long time, continue to look great, be visible, and protect your parking lot and the people that use it. Speed bumps are one of the most effective forms of parking lot protection.

Parking Lot Line Paint

Parking Lot Arrow

Parking lot line paint is a great way to protect your businesses parking lot. Parking lot line paint dictates the rules of the road for motorists in your parking lot. Whether it’s a directional arrow, lane divider, stop lines, parking lot stalls, no parking zones, or even crosswalk markings; parking lot line paint plays a significant role in keeping your parking lot safe for your business and those that use it.

Parking lot line paint is just as important as a regular road line marking when it comes to parking lot safety. Parking lot lines dictate where a motorist can operate their vehicle and where they cannot. Because of this, the parking lot experts at EverLine Coatings and Services can strategically paint parking lot lines to keep motorists away from situations that could damage your parking lot or property.

By painting parking stall lines, no parking lines, and directional lines, our parking lot experts can effectively control traffic and prevent motorists from bumping into different parts of your property or operating a motor vehicle where they shouldn’t.

At EverLine, we use TBL Durables, one of the best paint products available for our parking lot line painting services. Their paint products enable us to offer precise line markings that have a great longevity. Our parking lot paint experts can paint parking lot lines that will look great and protect your businesses parking lot for years to come.

Sealcoating and Crack Filling

Cracked Asphalt

One important part of parking lot protection that is often overlooked is regular parking lot maintenance and taking care of cracks in your pavement. If left untreated, water can seep into cracks in the surface and cause even more damage to your pavement. Cracks that are left untreated can turn into potholes and even eventually require your entire parking lot to be resurfaced.

If a significant amount of water seeps into the surface, it can ruin the subgrade base of your pavement meaning that your pavement will have to be completely resurfaced or replaced. This is costly and can significantly interrupt the regular operations of your business. To avoid this, businesses should adopt a regular pavement maintenance routine of crack filling or sealcoating their pavement.

With our crack filling services, we can prevent water from seeping into the surface and water damage from occurring. This prevents the water from reaching the subgrade base and can significantly improve the longevity of the pavement in your parking lot or on your property. Filling cracks yearly, if not quarterly is an integral part of parking lot protection.

Sealcoating is another great option to protect the pavement in your parking lot or on your property. Sealcoating is where the EverLine parking lot experts apply an asphalt-based solution to the surface of your pavement that works to seal the cracks in the surface as well as protect the additional pavement underneath. Sealcoating your surface will leave it looking as good as new and extend the life of the surface significantly.

Well, there you have it! We have covered a few of the ways that the parking lot specialists at EverLine Coatings and Services can protect your business’s parking lot and property. If you need parking block, speed bump, parking lot line paint, crack filling, or sealcoating services, the parking lot protection experts at EverLine have you covered.

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