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How Safe is Your Parking Lot?

Parking lot safety

Parking Lot Safety in Canada

Did you know that over 500,000 accidents occur in Canadian parking lots every year? Surveys show that 66% of drivers allow themselves to be distracted by programming their GPS, changing a song, or browsing social media while driving in parking lots, which almost doubles the risk. Even though vehicles aren’t moving at a high rate of speed in a parking lot doesn’t mean there isn’t the potential for an accident to occur. This is why it is crucial to take a step back and evaluate how safe your parking lot really is, and how the safety of the parking lot can be improved.

At EverLine, we have been a leading authority in the parking lot safety and maintenance industry for decades. Our highly-trained parking lot safety crews have worked with our customers to create a number of safe, effective, and efficient parking lot layouts over the years using a variety of the services that we provide on a daily basis. All of our team members have been trained on provincial traffic laws to ensure your parking lot is compliant and as safe as possible. In this article, we will go over how the right parking lot safety provisions and working with experienced parking lot maintenance experts can help improve the safety of your parking lot.

Parking Lot Line Paint Keeps Parking Lot Users Safe

Parking lot lines

One of the most important things needed in a parking lot to improve safety and efficiency is quality line markings. Line markings direct traffic, enforce the rules of the road and keep everything under control in your parking lot. Whether it is a set of parking grid lines, a yellow divider line, directional arrows, stop lines, crosswalk markings, or no parking stalls, the line markings in your parking lot are what signal vehicles to take certain actions and control the flow of traffic throughout the parking lot.

When it comes to the lines themselves, they need to be bright, vibrant and visible in order to be effective. Faded parking lot lines can lead to vehicles parking outside of designated stalls, entering areas they are not allowed to, driving in the wrong direction, and worse, vehicles may be unable to see a pedestrian crosswalk.

Parking lot lines are an essential part of upholding the rules of the road in your parking lot. If your parking lot lines have begun to fade or have disappeared altogether, the safety of your parking lot will be compromised. In order to restore the safety of your parking lot, and ensure traffic rules are followed, have your lines repainted as soon as possible.

EverLine Can Paint Visible Parking Lot Lines With TBL Durables

The parking lot safety professionals at EverLine Coatings and Services paint high quality parking lot lines with our exclusive TBL Durables paint product to ensure the lines on your property are bright, crisp, vibrant, and continue to be that way for years to come. These parking lot lines last up to three times as long as lines painted with conventional line paint products and stand out better to drivers and other users of your parking lot.

Our parking lot safety professionals and line painters can create effective parking lot lines, traffic control lines, and other safety markings to ensure that vehicles are operated safely in your parking lot, and its users are protected. Ensuring your parking lot has the correct markings, and visible lines is the foundation for all other parking lot safety improvements. By investing in quality parking lot line markings from EverLine, you’re investing in years of safe parking lot operations.

Parking Blocks Improve Parking Lot Safety

Parking Block Installation

One of the most overlooked, yet critical parts of parking lot safety is installing parking blocks and parking bumpers to prevent vehicles from bumping into things or going places they shouldn’t in your parking lot or on your property.

Let’s face it, when backing up; we can’t always see what is behind us clearly. Vehicles have blind spots, and a vehicle could have an obstruction inside of it that prevents the driver from being able to see what is behind them. When this happens, a vehicle could accidentally back into an area that could be dangerous to pedestrians, personnel, or into buildings, and other vehicles.

If there are no parking blocks installed in your parking lots, there is the potential for preventable collisions and accidents to occur. Without them, the safety of a parking lot is definitely affected and the lack of parking blocks in some situations can pose a big risk to parking lot users. But how do we prevent vehicles from bumping into something or entering a prohibited area entirely? It’s simple, by installing parking blocks!

EverLine Can Install Parking Blocks to Improve Parking Lot Safety

To improve the safety of your parking lot, our parking lot safety crews can install professional grade parking blocks that will ensure vehicles are a safe distance away from walkways, walls, curbs, and other parts of your property that need to be kept safe. This will prevent the vehicle from rolling forwards or backwards into an area you do not want it to.

When you choose EverLine for your parking lot safety needs, you know you’re working with true professionals that only use the highest quality products and materials. We exclusively use high-quality Canadian made parking blocks for our parking lot safety projects. These well made parking blocks can withstand the wear and tear of vehicles bumping into them regularly and the harsh climate that we sometimes experience with our Canadian winters. These incredible parking blocks will protect the users of your property from vehicles entering walkways and other pedestrian areas. They also protect your property from vehicles bumping into the walls, pillars, and other places that could be dangerous to the driver as well. Parking blocks are without a doubt an essential part of parking lot safety.

Speed Bumps Control Speed to Improve Parking Lot Safety

Parking lot speed bump installation

It may seem like common sense, but speed bumps (affectionately known as speed humps) also play a critical role in protecting the users of your parking lot. Studies show that vehicles travelling too quickly in a parking lot is one of the most common causes of parking lot users feeling uncomfortable. Although setting a speed limit is a good way to begin slowing down drivers in your parking lot, speed bumps physically force drivers to slow down in order to avoid damaging their vehicles. It’s not the most pleasant feeling hitting a speed bump fast!

Statistics show that speed is one of the leading causes of otherwise preventable traffic collisions in Canada. Speed bumps force drivers to slow down where they are placed and can be laid out strategically to prevent drivers from travelling too quickly through your parking lot. By doing this, vehicles will have to move through your parking lot at a slower rate of speed. Studies actually show that an effective speed bump layout will decrease the average speed of parking lot traffic by 40%. This means that drivers will be moving slower, have more time to react to what is going on around them, and effectively prevent accidents and collisions from occurring.

It’s important to place speed bumps near intersections, crosswalks, corners, and other parts of your property where speed control is needed. By doing this, the likelihood of a speed related collision in a space where an accident is likely to occur can be significantly reduced. Without speed bumps, the safety of your parking lot and the feeling of being safe for parking lot users will be adversely affected. Think of it this way, will your customers want to visit your business if they don’t feel safe doing so? We’ve all experienced a parking lot where we felt like we could be run over if we were not careful. We want to prevent this at all costs!

EverLine Can Install High-Quality Speed Bumps in Your Parking Lot

If you want to install quality speed bumps in order to slow down the rate of vehicle traffic in your parking lot and protect parking lot users, EverLine is here to help. Our trained parking lot professionals have decades of experience installing speed bumps and creating speed bump layouts to effectively slow down traffic where needed. Our highly trained speed bump installation professionals will help keep your parking lot safe and efficient! We install Canadian made speed bumps made to the same quality standard as our parking blocks. These speed bumps have been engineered to last a long time in Canadian parking lots and to effectively control speed without damaging vehicles. They are the ultimate solution for slowing down traffic, protecting parking lot users, and reducing potential liability issues for your business.

Traffic Sign Installation is Critical for Parking Lot Safety

Parking lot signage

Last but not least, traffic signage installation is of the utmost importance for parking lot safety. Once your parking lot has parking lot lines painted, blocks installed, and speed bumps, the next thing it needs is signage. Signage is what gives drivers a visual reminder of the rules of the road and ensures the rules are followed. Without signage, a parking lot would be a free for all.

If your parking lot lacks the correct signage, parking lot safety will definitely be affected. Things like speed signs, stop signs, directional signage, and parking information signs play a significant role in directing traffic in a parking lot. Without them, drivers may drive too quickly, fail to stop somewhere, or miss a pedestrian crossing.

Trust The Parking Lot Safety Experts at EverLine Coatings and Services

Many of our valued customers are concerned about the safety of their parking spaces and the parking lots on their property as they can create liability issues for their business or organization. When we come to do routine maintenance, they often ask us if there is anything that we can do to improve the safety of their parking lot. When it comes to parking lot safety, there is always room for improvement! EverLine is more than happy to help you ensure your parking lot is as safe and efficient as possible to keep your business running smoothly.

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