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Parking Lot Line Painting in Halifax and Nova Scotia

EverLine is one of Canada’s most experienced companies when it comes to parking lot line painting and line striping. We only use premium materials and equipment handled by experienced professionals. We are also able to accommodate a variety of businesses and budgets.

About our Halifax & Nova Scotia Line Painting Services

Line Painting Pathway

In the beginning, EverLine Coatings started out supplying outdoor line painting for parking lots across Canada. We were specialists in outdoor parking lot line painting, this started giving us the experience and equipment we needed to take on and complete a wide variety of line painting projects. We are the only painting company that is capable of deploying multiple road marking crews which allows us to work on 3-4 job sites at the same time.

Whether we are working on a parking lot design or parking lot lines, we always aim to complete our projects on time. Our large number of experienced and professional line painting and pavement maintenance crews also gives us the benefit of accepting jobs that are short notice or need to be completed immediately. We take pride in offering high-quality work at some of the best prices.

Why Choose EverLine?

Here at EverLine, we have systemized high quality. We are always constantly innovating and always make a point to be there for our customers. We only use the highest quality line painting products and equipment to guarantee excellence with every project we complete.

At EverLine, we prefer to keep a small business mentality towards service, despite being a well-equipped, well-staffed business. We always want our customers to feel assured in the fact that they can count on us to be there whenever they need us. This is highlighted in our multi-crew approach, whether you need several locations completed in a single night or immediate service, we can accommodate your requests.

Since we are one of the highest volume paint purchasers in Canada, this means we can pass our savings on to you. We have extensive experience working within a variety of budgets and can work with your business to tailor our services within your budget, schedule and specific needs.

TBL Durables

One of the innovations we use here at EverLine is our TBL Durables. This particular line painting product guarantees a high-quality result and is extremely durable. By utilizing TBL Durables in our pavement marking services we stand out as a premier company. Some of the advantages of using TBL Durables are that they have a longer life span, can resist harsh weather conditions and have a faster drying time.

We are the Parking Lot Line Painting Experts

We have decades of experience in parking lot line painting services, which makes us one of the most foremost experts in all of Canada. No matter the kind of road marking service you need, there are far and few jobs we haven’t completed.

If you need any kind of repainting done, we have experience in painting parking lot lines, curbs, stencils, crosswalks and plenty more. Regardless of the type of design or kind of surface, we can handle it.

If you are considering implementing a new parking layout, we can also help! Our experience allows us to help you plan and execute your new layout. Your parking lot will not only look amazing, it will also last with our premium materials.

In addition to line painting, we are also capable of painting roads and streets. We have completed plenty of municipal roads and streets in multiple provinces. Whether you need street markings, crosswalks, stop bars or arrows in intersections, we can do it all.

How to Prepare

If you are having line painting services performed at your property, there are a couple of things you can do before our crew’s arrival. Firstly, ensuring that the parking lot we will be painting has been thoroughly swept is very important. Clearing away dirt, gravel and debris will help with a seamless application. If you need assistance with cleaning your parking lot, EverLine also offers parking lot sweeping services.

Secondly, please ensure that the parking lot is clear of vehicles or at least as many as possible. It is important that the parking lot does not have any obstacles or obstructions that may be in the way of our equipment. Finally, it is strongly recommended that you notify any tenants that line painting is commencing, this helps our team by reducing the chance of unnecessary interruptions or stoppages.

Parking Lot Line Painting Pricing

At EverLine Coatings, we always want to provide the best value to our clients. This is why we do not offer standardized flat-rate pricing. Instead, we choose to base our pricing on a per-job basis. This means that our rates will fluctuate based on volume, difficulty, traffic and on-site materials. 

We have experience working within a wide range of budgets and are confident that we can work within yours while still being competitively priced. If you would like to receive a quote on parking lot line painting services, please contact us.

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