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From Basketball to Pickleball: Converting Your Court for an Ever-Popular Sport

New pickleball court from a basket ball court with EverLine Coatings and Services.

These days, residents of multifamily buildings and sports players at recreational facilities are eager for opportunities to play the ever-popular game of pickleball. Having a beautiful, well-designed pickleball court is a must-have amenity for an increasing number of people your property is serving. 

You can meet that need without adding a costly new build to your commercial property budget by turning an old, rarely used basketball court into a beautiful pickleball playing area. The task is simple with the right redesign and line markings. Here’s how to achieve that.

What You’ll Need to Convert a Basketball Court into a Pickleball Court 

To help you convert your old sports court into a pickleball space, our team uses a simple 3-step process that makes the process easy for you.

1. We Assess and Plan Your Court Layout 

Since pickleball courts are relatively small, you’ll likely be able to create more than one in the space of an old basketball (or tennis) court. You’ll need a space that is 13.41 meters long and 6.096 meters wide for actual play, plus some extra space all around to give players room to rest and run out of bounds. The recommended overall size is either 18.288 meters by 9.144 meters, or 19.5072 meters by 10.3632 meters.

If you’ll be setting up multiple courts next to each other, you might opt to add fencing between each court space to protect players. Also, it is best to orient the court north to south so that sunlight is less likely to affect players’ vision. We’ll evaluate your court area to see what it needs in terms of treatments to be sure it is fit to play on.

2. We Prepare Your Playing Surface

If your existing basketball court is worn down, you’ll want to resurface it or repair it to ensure the ground is smooth and safe to use. We’ll seal any cracks and holes we find, and make sure the surface is level.

Next, we clean the asphalt (or concrete) with a thorough power wash to remove any dirt and debris and let it dry. This is necessary so that when we paint the new court lines, everything will adhere well and look attractive.

Once the asphalt or concrete is clean and dry, we apply a layer of a premium acrylic coating that offers long-term protection for your court.

3. We Paint the Court to Meet Official Pickleball Standards 

Next, we apply surface paint to give your court visual pop. Our team will add layers of vibrant paint in your chosen color. Pickleball Canada allows pickleball courts to be any color you like, just as long as the court lines are a visibly contrasting color.

Once the overall surface is painted, we add neat, crisp, bright court lines according to Pickleball Canada’s design standards to make it easy and fun for pickleball players to engage in a game. Our exclusive, industry-leading TBL Durables paint lasts 2-4 times longer than other paints, a great advantage on pickleball courts which tend to get a lot of foot traffic.

4. Install the Final Details and Play Ball! 

Once the line painting is completed, you can add anything else a pickleball court requires. You can set up the net, add benches where players can sit, and install bleachers if you’ll be hosting tournaments. Our team can also add logos, brand markings, and pavement arrows to direct players to other parts of the property as needed.

Generally speaking, this process of resurfacing and painting your new pickleball courts takes a few days, and your players will be ready to start up some games in as little as 4-5 days, weather permitting.

Sports Court Line Painting and Surface Treatments You Can Count On   

Pickleball is just one of many sports you can make available to your community. At EverLine Coatings and Services, we’re experienced with creating and maintaining the asphalt pavement for a wide range of sports that boost your property’s appeal. 

Check out how our unique line painting services will give you long-lasting, vibrant, and attractive court areas that delight your community and help your commercial property function at its maximum value.

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