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Slip-Resistant Speciality Coatings

Is your business faced with slippery surfaces that can cause a slip or fall? At EverLine Coatings, we can eliminate the chances of a fall with the application of a non-slip specialty coating.*

*In select locations. Contact us for details.

Epoxy Flooring

At EverLine we know Canadian businesses are faced with snow, ice, rain and moisture making their walkways and surfaces slippery. Slippery surfaces can cause liability issues for businesses as people may slip and fall.

At EverLine, we can provide a solution that can lessen the possibility of someone slipping and falling on your property. Our slip-resistant specialty coatings can be applied to your slippery surfaces to eliminate the chances of slips and falls, and can be applied to all types of indoor and outdoor surfaces. Whether it is a walkway, bike path, or roadway we can apply a slip-resistant specialty coating.

Why Choose Everline?

At EverLine we only use high end slip-resistant specialty coating products to ensure you are receiving the highest quality end result. Our non-slip specialty coatings are durable and are customized to your surface. Not only will your surface be safer, but it will also look great, especially when combined with our other flooring solutions.

At EverLine, one of the elements of our business that helps us stand out from our competitors is our commitment to the CORE quality system. CORE stands for clear scope, operations reports, reach out and evaluate. Our commitment to these values allows our clients to monitor quality throughout the application process.

We are the Slip-Resistant Speciality Coating Experts

In order to apply an effective, great looking slip-resistant specialty coating to a variety of surfaces, you need experience and special training. At EverLine, we have application crews that have undergone specialty training to ensure you receive a high quality non-slip surface. We will deploy a specially trained crew to complete your non-slip specialty coating application.

How to Prepare

To ensure proper application is done in an efficient and timely manner, please follow these steps before our slip-resistant specialty coatings crew arrives. First, please make sure the surface we are applying the non-slip coatings to is clean and clear of any debris. This will ensure we can deliver a high quality end result. Second, please put up signs to let people know of the floors so that they do not walk through wet coating. If someone does walk through wet coating, it will ruin any work that has been completed.

Slip-Resistant Speciality Coating Pricing

Ensuring your business receives the best value on a slip-resistant specialty coating is very important to us at EverLine Coatings and Services. This is why we do not offer flat rate pricing. Instead, our pricing is based on a per job basis. The price of a project can fluctuate based on a number of different factors. It is important we gather all the details of your project and learn about your budget so we can provide a quote that works for your business. If you are in need of a quote for a non-slip specialty coating project, please contact us.

Non-Slip Specialty Coating