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EverFloor Durable Floor Coatings and Interior Line Painting

Ensure your interior commercial flooring is durably low-maintenance and safe with our lasting, slip-resistant sealants and attractive line painting.

Floor Treatments that Make Commercial Facilities Safe and Easy to Navigate

Commercial spaces get a lot of foot traffic, causing your facility’s floors to become worn down, slippery, and liable to cause accidents—unless they are properly sealed and treated.

At EverLine Coatings, we understand how important it is for commercial flooring to be clearly marked and properly treated for safety. With our premier EverFloor Durable Systems, we’ll help you avoid chemical stains, slips, and worn-out interior line markings, so your facility is safe, clearly marked, and easy to navigate.

Lasting Performance with EverFloor Durable Systems

A one-stop solution for all your interior flooring needs, EverFloor Durable Systems floor treatments create safe, industry compliant, visually appealing surfaces for any facility, including warehouses, food & beverage processing, manufacturing, healthcare/medical facilities, retail, agricultural plants, and more.

EverFloor Systems
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Commercial Epoxy
Floor Coating

With our protective epoxy treatment, commercial floors not only look shiny and beautiful—they also resist stains, protect flooring against chemical spills, and give you long-lasting performance.

Slip-Resistant Floor Coatings
Floor Coatings

Shiny, smooth floors don’t have to be slippery. Versatile, non-slip EverFloor epoxy applications protect commercial flooring materials, including concrete, and reduce the risks of accidents, slips, falls, and injuries.

Interior Line Painting
Line Painting

Our bright, lasting safety markings and embedded line striping allow employees, vendors, and patrons to move through your facility easily and efficiently. Our interior line painting is perfect for OSHA-compliant line painting, safety lanes, fire exits, and more!

Add a Unique Touch to Your Flooring​

Custom Stenciling and Branding

Build team spirit and enjoy an appealing, branded look that welcomes people to your facility. Our creative floor design work can be customized to give you exactly the look you want, from team imagery and company logos to inspirational slogans and branded markings.

Custom Stenciling

Specialty Colours

Create a unique style and branding for commercial flooring with attractive coloured flakes that can be easily added to EverFloor epoxy coating. With numerous shades to choose from, you’ll get a lovely, lustrous appearance.

Specialty Colors

Our Floor Coating & Painting Work

Before After

Get Lasting, Protected Interior Floors from EverLine Coatings

Make your commercial flooring safe for patrons, employees, and vendors. Invest in durable, attractive epoxy coatings and interior line markings from EverFloor Durable Systems—and enjoy how simple and affordable it is to maintain interior floors.

Interior Line Painting