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Preferred Aviation Line Marking Services in Edmonton

Create accurate and visible pavement markings on all airport surfaces in Edmonton, Alberta, with aviation line marking services from EverLine Coatings. 

Accurate Aviation Line Marking for Edmonton Airports

Pilots have an important job — getting passengers to and from their destinations safely. However, the two most challenging moments of a flight — going “wheels up” and “wheels down” — can be difficult for pilots to navigate without clear and well-marked aviation line painting. 

EverLine Coatings understands that accurate pavement markings are a federally mandated necessity. To help you minimize liability risks and protect pilots, passengers, and employees at your airport in Edmonton, Alberta, we proudly offer airport line marking services.

Aviation Line Painting Services for Edmonton Airports

EverLine Coatings offers the following aviation line painting and pavement marking services:

Runway markings

for safe takeoff and landing —including thresholds, designations, touchdown zones, aiming points, side stripes, and centerlines.

Taxiway markings

to demonstrate proper routes for pilots to navigate to gates, terminals, parking areas, and other airport facilities.

Apron markings

or designated parking spots — for airplanes, located off the runways and taxiways.

Signs and symbols — 

For navigational purposes — including hold positions, runway locations, taxiway directions, and more.

Aviation Line Markings

Helipad Markings

Helipads serve as valuable transportation points for numerous industries, such as hospitals, airports and commercial businesses. They also require special consideration to ensure they meet all regulations. They must be visible in the air, regardless of weather conditions or time of day, which means you need a company well-versed in aviation line marking in Edmonton to complete your helipad line painting. EverLine Coatings is capable of getting the job done right the first time.

Because helipad markings require the H to be aligned with magnetic north, a lot of precise surveying and application go into the planning phase. After surveying, we lay out all required markings to ensure they meet all regulations, we paint them using durable materials.

If we’re tasked with repainting a helipad that already has markings, we ensure bright, crisp results by first removing the old lines. This is most frequently done with grinding or shot blasting, leaving behind a clean surface ready to receive your new heliport striping.

The right material for the job depends on whether your helipad features a concrete or asphalt surface. In most cases, traffic paint or epoxy coating are used. We recommend applying an additional anti-slip product to the surface as well for extra security, especially during icy winters.

Since there are no standard colour requirements for helipads, there is some room for customization. However, most frequently, we see white lettering applied with a red border. This combination is highly visible regardless of whether the surface is asphalt or concrete, making it a suitable choice.

Helipad Aviation line painting services in Edmonton

Why Choose EverLine Coatings for Aviation Line Painting in Edmonton?


We clean and prepare each surface before painting.

We will never paint directly on top of existing pavement markings. Instead, we will sweep, power wash, and black out existing markings, providing a fresh, clean slate to create vibrant, clear, and eye-catching lines and symbols.


We have extensive industry experience.

We possess a deep understanding of the “ins and outs” of traffic paint, coatings, and pavement surfaces (in fact — it’s all we do!). You can rest assured our technical expertise will deliver the long-lasting results you need.

Durable Materials for Airport Line Striping & Runway Marking

EverLine Coatings only uses top-grade materials to ensure your airport markings last for as long as possible, including:

TBL Durables Logo

TBL Durables

TBL Durables is an environmentally friendly asphalt marking product that is extremely durable, long-lasting, slip-resistant, and easy to apply. It’s the preferred traffic coating product for pavement surfaces in Canada — including Edmonton!

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Traffic Paint

EverLine Coatings also offers water-based traffic paint, approved by the Federal Legislation in Canada, as an alternative to TBL Durables.

Protect Pilots and Passengers in Edmonton with Superior Pavement Marking from EverLine Coatings

Edmonton is known as “Canada’s Festival City” for hosting fun events throughout the year, and is also well-known for its other popular attractions, like the West Edmonton Mall and Fort Edmonton Park. There are plenty of reasons for visitors to fly into Edmonton from around the country — and the world!

As a property or facility manager for an airport in Edmonton, Alberta, it’s important to keep the aviation line markings bright, clear, and well-marked for pilots and other airport personnel to reduce liability risks and protect passengers and crew.

Give EverLine Coatings a call to check aviation line painting off the growing maintenance to-do list for your airport in Edmonton. We’ll even provide you with a full evaluation (and before and after photos!) to ensure you get what you paid for.

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