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Epoxy Flooring in Edmonton

At EverLine we have high quality epoxy flooring products and cutting edge equipment to deliver superior epoxy flooring solutions in Edmonton. Large or small surfaces, it doesn’t matter we can help.

About our Edmonton Epoxy Flooring Services

At EverLine Coatings and Services, we provide high quality epoxy flooring solutions for businesses in Edmonton and the surrounding area. If you want to protect the existing flooring in your business or create a non slip surface for the safety of your employees, epoxy flooring is a great solution. Our highly trained staff are well experienced in epoxy flooring applications. Our staff always creates a great looking and durable end result.

Here are some great reasons why your business should consider an epoxy flooring solution:

  • Creates a non-slip surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Chemically resistant
  • Protects your concrete
  • Most affordable flooring system compared to any other alternatives
  • High level of customizability to each unique job (any colour, design or lifetime)

Why Choose EverLine?

Epoxy Flooring

At EverLine Coatings and Services, we stand by three key values that differentiate us from our competitors. We are constantly looking to innovate our business to serve you better, our quality is systemized to ensure consistency, and we always answer the call when you need us. Sticking to these values ensures that we offer services and solutions that are unmatched by our competitors. Every client receives the highest quality of work, we will work within your schedule, and we will always be there when you need us. This level of services and commitment to our clients has us at the top of our industry.

At EverLine, we only use the best epoxy flooring supplies available on the market. This means we can offer our clients the best epoxy possible to ensure a non-slip, safe and durable surface that exceeds the quality of the solutions offered by our competitors. We are constantly innovating our epoxy flooring solutions and we are able to offer more benefits to our services than anyone else in our industry.

We are the Epoxy Flooring Experts

The application of epoxy flooring can be difficult to master. The application needs the proper preparation and needs to be executed in a certain manner to be effective, durable, and look the way it should. This is why EverLine has invested so much into training our flooring experts. Our highly trained crews are ready with the needed experience to tackle any epoxy flooring job. You can rest assured that when an EverLine crew arrives at your property, you’ve picked the right crew for the job to meet and exceed the the expectations for your project.

How to Prepare

If you are going to be using EverLine’s epoxy flooring services in the near future, there are some steps you can take to ensure our services are completed efficiently, effectively, and in a timely manner. Firstly, please prepare the surface we will be applying the epoxy coating to by cleaning and clearing the surface of any debris. This ensures we are able to deliver a high quality finish when we apply the product. Secondly, please inform the users of your property and put up signs to alert people that we will be working and not to walk through any wet epoxy coating. If someone walks through the coating before it cures, it will ruin any work that has been completed.

Epoxy Floor Pricing

Ensuring your business receives the best value on epoxy flooring solutions is very important to us at EverLine Coatings and Services. This is why we do not offer flat rate pricing instead are pricing is based on a per job basis. The price of a project can fluctuate based on the volume, difficulty, traffic and materials being used on site. It is important we gather all the details of your project and learn about your budget so we can provide a quote that work for your business. If you are in need of a quote for an epoxy flooring project please contact us.

Custom Epoxy Flooring

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