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Crazy Road Signs from Around the World

Tank Crossing

At EverLine we know that confusing signage can impact the safety of your property or parking lot. To give you an idea of the confusing signs that are out there, we’ve curated a collection of some of the worlds crazy road signs. These funny road signs caught our attention, and we had to share them with you.

Confusion in Nova Scotia

Confusion in Nova Scotia

Photo credit: CBC News

This sign found near Port Mouton, Nova Scotia created a lot of confusion for motorists. This crazy road sign has a bit of story behind it. Apparently, a local hotel took down its billboard ad, and this sign was the backing behind it. Its a number of different road signs from different locations chopped up into one. It’s a mix of signs from American Interstates and other Canadian highway signs. What would you do if you saw this driving down the road? If we weren’t from that particular area, we would probably feel lost.

Watch Out for… Tanks?

Tank Crossing

Source: Instagram

Here’s an interesting sign. This one can be found on the highway to the Death Valley in California. If the blistering heat wasn’t enough, apparently you also need to be cautious of tanks crossing the road in the California desert.

Is it the Holidays Yet?

Reindeer Crossing

Source: Instagram

The first thing most people think when they see a sign like this is a reindeer crossing the road, especially with it wearing what appears to be a scarf. A funny road sign like this might make sense as a holiday decoration, but it appears to be still standing in the summertime. Maybe someone nearby has a farm of very festive reindeer that could be grazing the fields? It’s hard to say, but this crazy road sign sure makes you wonder what is going on.

This One is a Little Unclear…

Narrow Winding Road Sign

Source: Flickr

This crazy road sign definitely has room for improvement when it comes to clarity. There are three main elements at hand here. There is a white line that appears to describe tight turns that could indicate a twisty mountain road. However, there are also warning symbols for a narrow road and what appears to be a percentage for a steep grade. Our best guess is that there is some kind of tight, narrow, hairpin turn that turns into a steep hill afterward, but who knows. This place could have used multiple road signs to help give motorists a better sense of what is going on.

What Kind of Surprises?

Beware of Road Surprises

Source: Travel Channel

This crazy road sign comes from the UAE and is a little ambiguous. It’s telling drivers to beware of road surprises. But, what kind of road surprises is it talking about? We have a hunch that the real meaning behind this sign got lost in translation and there is nothing serious to worry about.

This Doesn’t Sound Like a Fun Place to Visit

Accident Maryland

Source: News.com

Welcome to Accident? That doesn’t sound like a fun place to visit… If you thought you were going to end up in an accident visiting a town, most motorists would turn around and head back home. This funny road sign comes from a small town in Maryland with a really funny name. In some cases, you can’t rename the town, but at least you can have a nice sign to let motorists know where they are.

No Accidents Allowed!

Accidents Prohibited

Source: News.com

Bad news for the residents of Accident, Maryland. Accidents are prohibited on this road! That being said, we can’t think of too many people that would want to get into an accident in general. Especially not on that scary road! Perhaps, messaging like “please take caution” or “Dangerous road ahead” would have been more effective in this case.

That’s One Way to Reduce Emissions

Fart Control

Source: News.com

This one gave us a good chuckle. This funny road sign was found in Sweden and could be effective in controlling CO2 emissions. Apparently, this area has a large population of cows so flatulence could be a real issue.

We hope you enjoyed taking a look at some of the crazy road signs from around the world. These gave us a good laugh, and we definitely saw room for improvement for most of them.

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