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Cool Custom Stenciling – A Look at Cool and Interesting Custom Stenciling Projects

Reusable Custom Stencil

For this month’s article, we’re going to take a look at some cool custom stenciling projects that have been completed all over the world. Custom stenciling is the ultimate way to add a personalized touch to your property.

We can create custom stencils for your logo, any special instructions, lettering, or any design you may want to be painted on your property! We love taking on interesting custom stenciling projects and seeing innovation with what people are creating with custom made stencils.

We strongly believe that if more people had custom stenciled art and designs on their properties, it would make the cities and communities we live in much more vibrant. To ensure we are always delivering expectation-shattering results for our clients, we are always looking at the world around us for inspiration. Listed below are some amazing projects from around the globe that have inspired us. If you love these as much as we do, we’d be happy to create something similar for you and bring your property to life!

Crosswalks Brought to Life with Crosswalk Stencils

Custom-Made Stencil

Crosswalks don’t have to be two boring white lines! Check out this crosswalk stencil of a school of fish swimming along. If this isn’t going to draw attention to your business, what will?

The beauty of custom stenciled crosswalks is that their prominence makes them more visible to drivers and pedestrians. Seeing something like this in a parking lot or on a roadway is more likely to catch your attention than just two painted lines. Custom crosswalk stencils are a great way to add some flair to your property and prevent accidents from occurring.

Custom Crosswalk

Some of the best custom crosswalk stencils use a variety of different colours in their design – just like the colourful example above! They don’t need to have super intricate designs to look great and give a liveliness to the area. Custom crosswalks are a great way to add an artistic touch to your property and give a positive vibe to communities and various districts throughout a city.

Custom Stencil Crosswalk

Another awesome thing about custom stenciling is the ability to create intricate designs that would otherwise not be possible. The example above emulates the look of a cobblestone road or pathway in the crosswalk. Repeating pattern designs like this are timeless and will look great for years to come. Although completing a project like this would be extremely difficult to do manually, custom stenciling technology makes it quick and easy for line painting professionals like EverLine! Our custom stencils for painting and accurate line marking equipment makes it easy to accurately paint designs like this and ensure that they are durable, have a good application and that they will look great for years to come.

Custom Made Stencils Make Great Street Art

Street Art Stencil

Custom stenciling isn’t just for parking lots and crosswalks! It can be used to brighten up and give some character to almost any paved surface you see fit. Take this example of a small market, these simple, but colourful hand designs and pastel background colours really bring this market to life!

What would otherwise be some boring pavement has been transformed into something that looks warm and inviting for the shoppers and vendors. Most people are naturally drawn to warm, inviting colours – use it to your advantage! Our custom cut stencils and custom reusable stencils make it easy to create designs just like this one.

Custom Stencil

Check out this custom stenciled design located in Hermosa Beach, California, close to the pier. Although this is already a very bright, vibrant area, the custom made stencil adds a new dimension of flair to the area! It doesn’t matter if the markings are for a business, district, municipality, or even just your home, using custom stencils for painting designs will make your property look incredible.

Logo Stencils are a Great Way to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Although these cool custom designs are great, they may not be suitable for all businesses and customers. The one thing we do see many customers opting to do is custom logo stencils. Having a logo stencil created is a great way to brand your property and make your brand stand out! Here are some awesome examples that we’ve come across.

Parking Lot Stencil

This is a custom logo stencil of the UBC crest that has been painted on campus! We love the look of this custom logo stencil as it shows how amazing designs can be created with custom cut stencils. The colourful background that the custom logo stencil has been painted on has also been stenciled to create a cool design. Together, this makes for one awesome custom logo stencil project, and it brings a real liveliness to the campus! Why settle for a boring patch of pavement when your can create something like this with one of our parking lot stencils?

Custom Logo Stencil

Custom logo stencils are also great for celebrating big occasions. Here’s a logo that Somerville, MA had stenciled near their town hall to celebrate their 175th anniversary! One of these would be great for a big milestone anniversary event for a business, event, city, or virtually anything along those lines!
Our Custom Cut Stencils Will Grab Attention!
There you have it! These are some of the custom stenciling projects from around the world that have caught our attention and inspired us. We love seeing creativity in the line painting and marking industry.

With EverLine’s custom stenciling services, we are able to create virtually any kind of markings to give your property an extra flare or any unique functionality it may need to keep people safe. Our custom reusable stencils make it possible to add custom stenciled markings to your property in the future as well!

We understand that you may want to have some custom stenciled markings applied to your property, but timing can be tough! Thanks to our multi-crew approach, we can complete custom stenciling projects during your off-hours when your business has closed for the day. We work to minimize any interruptions to your regular operations with our services.

If you would like a quote for an upcoming custom stenciling project on your property, please contact the closest EverLine Coatings and Services location today! We can make your dreams come to reality and give your property the look and feel you’ve wanted to achieve!

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