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Cool Bollard Covers. Take a Look at Cool and Wacky Bollard Covers From Around the World.

Custom Bollards

Business owners often overlook the bollards on their property. For those of you that do not know what a bollard is; a bollard is a sturdy, short, vertical post that is used to control and direct traffic, protect properties, and prevent cars from ramming into things for security measures. They’re normally present in most commercial areas as well as public places.

Bollards are a critical part of protecting your parking lot or property. They act as a guard that prevents vehicles from hitting walls, curbs, doors, or any other parts of your property. They’re just like bumpers for your property! Think of them as your first line of defense when preventing damage from occurring in an accident.

Although they’re effective in preventing damage from occurring, they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world. Is there anything more boring looking than a plain concrete cylinder?

To help you spruce up the look of your parking lot and property, EverLine can install a variety of different bollard covers to spruce up the look of your bollards and property as a whole. Why settle for a boring-looking property or parking lot when there are ways to make it look better!?

To give you some inspiration on what can be done with bollard covers, here’s a look at some of the cool and crazy looking bollard covers from around the world.

Decorative Bollard Covers

Decorative Bollard Covers

Decorative Bollard covers are a great way to give your parking lot a more interesting look and feel. These bollard covers look a bit more classy looking than your average plain concrete cylinder and can be used to match the overall aesthetic of the rest of the property. They’re still very visible to motorists and are a great way to improve the safety of your parking lot. Bollard covers like the ones pictured above are often found in urban areas, parking lots, and even in some residential areas. The cool shape of these bollard sleeves makes them more aesthetically pleasing than a standard bollard.

Stylish Bollards

As you can see, they’re suitable for any application from regular city streets to in more vibrant urban areas! Decorative bollard covers are a great added touch for virtually any property. If you want to install decorative bollard covers on your property, call the bollard installation experts at EverLine Coatings and Services to discuss the options that are available today,

High Visibility Bollard Covers

Reflective Bollard Covers

Although regular, high-visibility bollard covers may not be the prettiest thing in the world, they’re functional and are easily seen by motorists in low-light areas. These bollards are a great option for underground parkades or any indoor lot where lighting may not be ideal. The bright colours contrast the parking lot well and make it easy for drivers to spot them.

Thankfully, they can still be customized with logos and other brand elements to make your parking lot stand out! Take the plastic bollard cover with the Harley Davidson logo above for example. You can still match these plastic bollard covers to the colour of your property or even colours from your brand palette.

If safety is a concern, these bollard sleeves do a great job of protecting your property and preventing collisions from occurring. If you want a quote to have high-visibility bollard covers installed on your property, call the bollard installation experts at EverLine coatings and services for a free quote today.

Custom Bollards and Bollard Post Covers

Custom Bollard Covers

Some businesses are serious about their bollards! Although most businesses don’t have the budget for this sort of thing, custom bollard covers are a great way to customize the overall look and feel of your property. When the bollards match the architecture of the rest of your property, it can look incredible! Take a look at the photo above; in addition to protecting this building, the bollards have a modern design that matches the aesthetic of the rest of the building. How cool is that?

Bollards can have function and form. When designed well, they can be a great way to compliment the architecture and aesthetic of the rest of your property.

Crazy Bollard Covers


Shark Fin Bollards

Shark Fin Bollards

Who said that bollards need to be a cylinder? This is the kind of creativity we like to see. Whoever made these crazy bollards was definitely thinking outside of the box.

Although this may not be the most cost-effective way to protect your property, they sure make it stand out! How often do you see shark fins sticking out of the ground? If you really want, the sky’s the limit when it comes to bollard design and style. If you have an aquatic business, or something else shark-related, this would be a great style of bollard to have on your property.

Cigar Bollard Covers

Custom Designed Bollard Covers

We thought this was a cool concept for a bollard cover. This is a plastic bollard sleeve that has been made to look like a cigar in front of a cigar shop. This bollard cover is a good example of how your parking lot can be customized to reflect your business! Almost anything can be wrapped or printed on a plastic bollard cover. If you sell a product in a similar shape, it can be done!

Policeman Bollard

Policeman Bollard

This one gave us a good laugh! This bollard is in London and has been shaped to look like a policeman standing in front of a nursery. We think more people should get creative and make interesting bollards like this. If you see something like this, it is very likely that you will stop to take a picture so you can show your friends. Chances are, you will even take a look at the business that has the bollard in front. Use your creativity! Cool and crazy looking bollards are a great way to grab attention.

Call the Bollard Installation Experts at EverLine Coatings and Services Today

If you need bollard covers installed on your property, call the bollard cover installation experts at EverLine Coatings and Services today. We have a selection of high-quality bollard covers available to keep your property safe and make it look great. Call us today for a free estimate!

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