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Winter is Coming! Is it Too Late for Line Painting?

Line Painting

Winter is coming and your parking lot is a disaster! All the lines are dull and faded and nobody knows where to park! Cars are constantly strewn all over your parking lot with no sense of order! It’s chaos! Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but hear us out…

Winter is already a pain for keeping your parking lot in order because it can be hard for drivers to see the lines under the snow. It’s especially hard if your lines are overdue for a new paint job and the bright yellow colour has faded.

Now that we’ve got you stressed about getting your parking lot lines repainted before winter hits, we’ve got some more (kinda) bad news to break to you…

Water-Based Line Paint Won’t Cut It

Water-based line paint is currently the most commonly used parking lot line paint in Canada. If you’re wondering why oil-based traffic paint is no longer an option, keep reading! Unfortunately, water-based road paint has a number of faults, making it an undesirable line paint option for a number of reasons. One of the qualities that tends to cause people a lot of headaches is its minimum curing temperature.

Unfortunately, water-based line paint needs to cure at temperatures above 10°C. In Canada, we’d be lucky to see temperatures this warm in the late fall or winter! This means that you can usually only use water-based road paint in warmer months. At this time of year, it’s unlikely (baring weird Canadian weather) that you’ll be able to get your lines repainted with water-based line painting products until the spring. So what about the other common parking lot line paint option?

Oil-Based Line Paint Won’t Work Either

Oil-based line paint can cure at lower temperatures above 3°C. If you’re thinking this is a great alternative, think again! Oil-based traffic paint is banned in Canada due to its adverse environmental impact. Even if it wasn’t banned, it’s still not ideal for unpredictable Canadian weather. In the depths of winter, we’re still lucky to see a day above 3°C!

Is Your Parking Lot Out of Luck Until Spring?

Parking Lot Line Paint

Fortunately for those of you who have put off your line painting parking lot maintenance until it’s (almost) too late, EverLine offers an additional line painting alternative! TBL Durables is a revolution in parking lot paint technology with many amazing properties. This product really stepped up to the plate when oil-based line paint was banned in Canada. Instead of making do with the disappointing qualities of water-based line paint, the EverLine team decided not to settle for mediocrity.

TBL Durables Saves the Day

If you checked out our last blog post on the 4 ways TBL Durables trumps the line painting alternatives, you already know that TBL Durables is a stellar product. In last month’s blog post we discussed how TBL Durables parking lot paint is more durable, has a longer life expectancy, has a shorter dry time, AND a lower environmental impact than both the water-based and oil-based line painting alternatives.

This month, we’re here to tell you that our superhero TBL Durables line paint dominates the competition AGAIN in terms of curing temperature. TBL Durables can cure at temperatures as low as -10°C. This is much colder compared to water-based line paint’s minimum curing temperature of +10°C. A whole 20° to be exact! This further solidifies TBL Durables as the best parking lot line paint option. It also means that you’re not too late to get your parking lot lines repainted. Thanks to TBL Durables, you have a few extra months to get those parking lot lines freshened up!

How Does TBL Durables Work?

Parking Lot Paint

At EverLine, we use the state-of-the-art TBL-982MMA walk-behind machine to apply TBL Durables to your parking lot. This amazing machine has dual -displacement pumps that provide the ultimate reliability, accuracy, and durability. TBL Durables is sprayed out of the machine and cures to your asphalt as a hard plastic that is more reflective and more resistant to wear and tear than any other line painting product.

Contact EverLine for Your Cold Weather Line Painting Needs

We provide the highest quality products for our customers in order to consistently deliver the best possible parking lot maintenance results. At EverLine, we care about ensuring that you are completely satisfied with our services, every time. This is why we exclusively use TBL Durables, the best parking lot line paint, for all of our line striping services.

Let us help you freshen up your parking lot even in the colder months. Your local EverLine team is happy to help you with fresh new parking lot lines even when other companies can’t step up to the plate. Give us a call today!

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