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How Interior Line Painting Makes Calgary Warehouses Safer

Using specialized epoxy paint for flooring, we can add interior lines to your Calgary warehouse. All warehouses need lines to meet regulations and also ensure they are safe and efficient. Lines can create aisles and lanes and also labels for anything you’re storing, as well as communicate many other important messages for safety and efficiency. How does line painting make your warehouse safer, what kind of line painting might you need, and what are the other benefits of adding line paint? We explore all of the answers you need below.

Benefits of Line Painting in Warehouse

Line painting organizes your space, points out hazards, and otherwise gives instructions to staff who are moving products, materials, or other goods around. Professionally done floor markings should work with your process and how goods are moved through the warehouse instead of getting in the way of the efficient workflow your staff has developed. In addition, they should help you meet national and local safety codes to keep your warehouse in line with regulations.

Some of the many benefits of line painting in your warehouse include:

  • Reduce accidents: Where should those driving forklifts or other equipment be? Which direction should they be traveling? And how do you keep them from hitting pedestrians? Lines determine the flow of traffic, which helps prevent accidents.
  • Improve efficiency: Where should these items be stored? What’s the most efficient way to move from one spot to another? Lines can dictate storage and flow of work so that everyone is on the same page and your warehouse is significantly more efficient.
  • Meet regulations: Your national and local safety authorities may require you to have certain line painting in your warehouse.
  • Liability: Having professional line painting can help reduce your liability even in the event of an accident.
  • Cost-effective: As compared to signage and taping, line painting is cost-effective and longer term. You can go longer between paintings with our higher-quality paint products.
Interior Line Painting

What Different Colours of Paint Mean

You don’t need to spell everything out in the paint in order to get a message across. Instead, the colour of safety line markings already indicates certain messages that you will find useful in your warehouse. This allows employees to immediately identify what certain areas mean and take proper action. The colour coding that is most often used to label warehouses includes:

  • Yellow: Yellow is a major colour, used to determine aisles and lanes, as well as create footpaths.
  • White: White designates areas for equipment, racks, benches, carts and machines.
  • Red: Red is used to indicate defects.
  • Orange: Orange designates areas for energized equipment.
  • Green: Green is to create space for your finished goods.
  • Blue: Blue indicates the area is for raw materials.
  • Black: Black designates the space for works-in-progress.
  • Black and yellow: Combining black and yellow creates intense contrast, so it is used for areas that are hazardous or the storage of hazardous things.
  • Red and white: Red and white is similarly high in contrast and is used for safety-restricted areas.
  • Black and white: Black and white is for areas that have operational restrictions.

You might wonder, why choose paint at all? You could choose tape for your warehouse and replicate these colours and patterns with it. However, tape is a temporary measure that lifts up and wears out very quickly. Paint, especially our high-quality paint products, wear out much slower and are considered temporary.

Safety in Your Warehouse

How does line painting make your warehouse safer? It depends on what’s going on in your warehouse and what you’re storing. But here are some potential ways that line painting avoids health and safety risks:

  • Labelling storage: Sometimes you’re storing materials or objects that shouldn’t be near each other. Labelled storage with line painting can help prevent unsafe storage habits and help you keep hazardous objects separate.
  • Determining traffic flow: By dictating where and in which direction those using the equipment should drive, you prevent accidents.
  • Protecting pedestrians: Keeping pedestrians separate and out of the way of equipment keeps them safer.

Choose EverLine Coatings for Warehouse Line Painting

Our team has the expertise to design your warehouse line painting or to reapply old paint that has faded and is no longer clear enough to keep your warehouse safe and efficient. Reach out to the team at EverLine or learn more about our warehouse safety marking.

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