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Help Your Parking Lot Beat the Cold-Thaw Cycle in Calgary

Other Canadians think they have it bad, but could they really survive a Calgary winter? You don’t underestimate how tough it is to deal with this kind of cold for several months of the year. But, it’s not just people that find our winters tough. Winter is hard on every part of your property, including your parking lot. The freeze-thaw cycle is notorious for taking tiny parking lot issues and making them serious by the time spring arrives. How can you prepare your parking lot to withstand these problems better? Here’s how.

Repair Any Cracks or Potholes

When snow and ice get into any small crack or line in your parking lot, they melt and freeze repeatedly as temperatures change. Water expands when it freezes, which pushes the cracks open and, over time, does serious damage to your parking lot. Even the smallest issues can become major hassles through this process. It is much simpler and cheaper to get small cracks or potholes repaired over the fall than to deal with what they’ve become in the spring.

Don’t just get any repair. Infrared asphalt repair is the right choice for even the smallest issues. This is a less expensive and faster process which does a better job of leaving behind a smooth surface than other repair methods. With a completely smooth surface, there is nowhere for the water or ice to get into and damage your lot.

Infrared asphalt repair is also a good option for tired asphalt. During the heating process, the asphalt repair technicians mix oils back into the old asphalt. These oils slowly leave asphalt over time, rendering the material much less flexible and more susceptible to damage. Reintegrating these oils can make your lot fare much better over winter and last longer in general.

Commit to Your Snow Removal Now

Snow removal companies can be challenging to work with. They are in high demand over the winter and often need to clean many more lots than they have the time for. How early will your lot get done? Sometimes it depends on how early you can contract with a company and how many properties you can bring them. The earlier and the more lots you need to be cleaned, the more important a client you are. So, sign a contract with your removal company early.

Asphalt Sealcoating on a Commercial Property

Arrange for a Sealcoat

Sealcoating your parking lot isn’t necessary every year, but you should certainly consider if your lot needs one this fall. A functioning sealcoat offers huge protection to your parking lot and can prevent the need for maintenance down the road. Over the winter, in particular, the sealcoat acts as a barrier between the asphalt and the salt and snow melt chemicals you need to put on your lot to keep it safe. It also acts as a barrier for moisture, preventing the slow erosion of water that causes so much damage to lots.

Sealcoating also offers other benefits during the winter. It can traction, which can help vehicles from getting stuck in your lot and reduce the amount of salt, kitty litter, or other materials you need to put down to provide traction. This extra safety is important in a Calgary winter.

Buy Snowmelt and Salt Ahead of Time

There is always a mad rush to the supplier to get enough salt, snowmelt and other winter supplies that you need. This year, get ahead of the game and buy what you need ahead of time. We recommend having a bit more on hand than you think you need, as almost all snowmelts will last until next year, and you never really know when you’ll be hit with a snowier winter than normal.

Don’t forget that you might also need supplies for the portion of your property that your snow removal company cannot access or does not clean for you. It’s wise to have a shovel or two on hand to clear your doorway or walkway.

EverLine Coatings can help you get your parking lot in shape before the first overnight freeze. Learn more about our asphalt repair services.

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