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Read articles from your EverLine Coatings and Services team in Calgary to learn more about line painting and pavement maintenance.

All warehouses need lines to meet regulations and also ensure they are safe and efficient. Lines can create aisles and lanes and also labels for anything you’re storing…(READ MORE)

Other Canadians think they have it bad, but could they really survive a Calgary winter? You don’t underestimate how tough it is to deal with this kind of cold for several months of the year. But, it’s not just people that find our winters tough…(READ MORE)

Our climate in Calgary is hard on driveways and parking lots. They may get less traffic than roads, but they are exposed to the same freeze-thaw cycle as them, which means these private spaces can get just as many cracks and potholes as the roads, sometimes more. It is important to get your potholes… (READ MORE)