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TSanta had made his list & checked it twice; Syndicate Trucking received their Christmas wish of a new facility. Along with the building, Santa left them a note with our contact from one transportation company to another, he knew that we could help them on their way.

Have you ever wondered how Santa & his elves get all their gifts out in one night? Magic actually has very little to do with it.

Safety is Santa’s first priority as it is ours.

With this in mind, we like to share the wealth of safety with our clients, and help them achieve the same standards as Jolly Old St.Nick in the North Pole. If you were to ask Santa, he would tell you that we painted the reindeer bays to help tend to his heard, & help create organization in the Christmas Chaos.

We happily decided to provide the same outstanding service that we gave Santa and his Reindeer fleet, to Syndicate Trucking. Now, with the help of our epoxy coatings, their crew can easily back into and out of bays for loads or repairs.

We have even heard a tip that Santa may be interested in contracting to them for some of his deliveries, so keep your eyes not only to the skies but the streets for this magical Christmas fleet!