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About EverLine Coatings

EverLine Coatings and Services provides parking lot and property maintenance services across Canada and the U.S.A. We specialize in outdoor and indoor line painting and are committed to delivering high quality results.

Our Story

EverLine Coatings has received phenomenal reception and growth since its inception in 2012. Our focus has been on becoming the top choice when a client needs a professional, courteous, organized and efficient property maintenance contractor. Almost immediately, our clients began to take notice of the difference in dealing with EverLine’s positive attitude towards complete satisfaction. We believe our continued growth is due to our ongoing commitment to deliver great products backed by first class service season after season. Our growing client list reflects the simple fact that each and every employee of EverLine is committed to providing complete customer satisfaction in the delivery of our products and services.


Our People

infared-Asphalt-RepairThe most important focus of any business should be people. People drive the world forward. Our company culture is so important to us, it makes us who we are and it feels great to be a part of the experience. We have fun with what we do, funny stories and positive experiences are encouraged to be shared on a daily basis. We keep an open, transparent and collaborative environment at all levels of the company, from the line techs to the executives. Communication across all company branches is kept on the same level to ensure everyone feels connected to the common goal of the company. There’s always been much fanfare for our style of corporate culture, as it is the most common compliment we receive from our clients and the team.

We believe that the secret to business is how you treat the people within the business. This is our secret weapon, a team that feels valued is proven to be an effective team. We have a strong emphasis on validation amongst team members. During our weekly power zone meetings and our daily scrum, we always allow time to celebrate the victories we’re seeing within the company. We often use this time to celebrate the wins or thank another person for their work in that particular area.

In addition to our culture promoting a healthy mind space to work in, we also encourage an excellent safety first culture. There’s no better way to show your team that you care for them than having a strong focus on safety. Our purpose is to provide our employees with the workplace that is considered a vehicle for personal and professional growth.

With the combination of a validated, developed and connected team, our focus on the driven principles makes the final key difference. It forces us to raise the set standard due to each individual’s encouraged non-stop pursuit of excellence. The driven principles attracts, recruits and maintains a team that is committed to higher business values, that operate as a code for elite conduct for us as a team. It encourages us to work together to constantly make us better, faster, stronger and always look for the next great opportunity in our industry. We are encouraged to ask ourselves the hard questions that sometimes need to be asked, and to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate any shortcoming to our ideals.

Our Principles


to giving all of our effort, respect, expertise and attention to our clients, our stakeholders and each other every day.


by constantly innovating to provide better solutions.


through working with honesty, purpose, and delivering on our promises.

Value Based

by operating at all times according to our values of respect, sustainability, mutual support and community enhancement.


the set standards of communication, credibility, professionalism and quality for our industry and will continue to lead in all ways possible.


our employees by providing an environment that is fun, friendly and encourages the achievement of their full potential.

Our Mission

To exemplify the DRIVEN Principles every single day.

Our Vision

To be known as the company that changed everything in our industry.

Our Purpose

For Our Clients

EverLine contributes to society by providing cutting-edge solutions with a focus on safety objectives, value and aesthetic excellence for our clients and their patrons.

For Our People

Our purpose is to provide our employees with a workplace that is considered a vehicle for personal and professional growth.

We Strive

  • To constantly develop and improve ourselves
  • To exemplify excellence to our clients, colleagues, friends and family
  • To be a part of the upward march of humanity and change for the better
  • To think outside of the box and not be afraid to take risks
  • To be leaders in our field
  • To be the example set for the entire industry
  • To have fun with what we do

The CORE Quality System

A major contributor to our success and why we a trusted by so many clients is our commitment to the CORE quality system. CORE stands for:

lear & detailed scope of work
perations reports
each outs
This transparency with our clients allows us to ensure we are meeting your expectations throughout every step of our projects.

Our Keys to Success

At EverLine we operate by three key values that differentiate us from the competition.
  1. Our quality is systemized
  2. We constantly innovate
  3. We answer the call
Adhering to these values ensures that we offer solutions our competitors cannot, every client receives the highest quality of work, we work within your schedule and are always there when you need us. It is this level of services and commitment that has us at the forefront of our industry.