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Line Painting in Abbotsford & Langley

EverLine Abbotsford & Langley provides high-quality line painting services to our customers across Abbotsford, Langley, Chilliwack, and Mission. At EverLine, we use top-of-the-line painting products and equipment to provide the highest quality line painting results, every time.

About our Abbotsford & Langley Line Painting Services

Line Painting PathwayAt EverLine Abbotsford & Langley, we are proud to provide high-quality pavement markings to commercial parking lots and roadways throughout the area.

Our line painting crews are experts in outdoor line painting services and have undergone extensive training to develop their expertise. We also operate with a multi-crew approach that allows us to provide our professional line painting services to customers or locations at the same time. We can also take great pride in being able to respond to requests for line painting services in a timely manner.

We have a large number of team members ready to provide a quick response to requests on short notice. In addition to quality service, our pavement marking services are offered at affordable pricing to further support customer satisfaction. Please contact our Abbotsford & Langley office to inquire about our professional parking lot line painting services.

Why Choose EverLine?

First of all, Everline systemizes our high-quality service. We complete each of our line painting jobs by working through our core quality system. Our crews do not leave a site without first completing key quality checks and signing off on great work. This provides you with a guarantee of quality work when you book your line painting project with EverLine.

Secondly, EverLine is committed to innovation. We are always seeking the latest and greatest traffic line painting products, equipment, and application methods to provide the best results to property owners for the best value possible.

Finally, EverLine is always ready to answer the call. In this industry, there are often last-minute requests and responsiveness is incredibly important. We always strive to provide the most convenient service for those with short deadlines to meet. We want to be there for you as your trusted choice when you need us most.

TBL Durables

In order to ensure the highest quality and greatest durability of our line painting projects, we use TBL Durables. This line painting product is far superior to the other line painting alternatives on the market because it has a longer lifespan, can dry more efficiently, and is built to withstand harsh Canadian weather conditions. The use of this superior product helps us stand out from our competitors as the top line painting company in Canada.

We are the Line Painting Experts

At EverLine, we have years of experience and a highly-skilled workforce that have allowed us to provide superior line painting services across Canada for decades. No matter the outdoor line painting project, our crews are ready to take on the challenge across all of our parking lot line painting service areas.

Are you in need of repaint services? Our crews can repaint parking lot lines, curbs, stencils, arrows, handicap spots, crosswalks, pathways, and more!

Parking Lots

Whether you need your parking lot repainted or a new parking lot layout, we are ready to help! We’ll help you plan the new layout of your parking stalls and execute the project with professionalism. We’ve got you covered with all the resources you need to create the perfect parking lot design.

Parking Garages and Parkades

We don’t only take on outdoor line painting projects, we can also help with indoor line painting too. We’ve painted many parking garages and parkades and delivered fantastic results that last for ages. From parkade lines to parking stall stencilling, directional arrows, speed bumps, and more, we can make your parkade look sharp.

Roads and Streets

Parking stalls aren’t our only expertise, we’re also skilled in painting roads and streets. We’ve painted crosswalks, road markings, stop bars, and more to help keep motorists and pedestrians safe.


Although we are experienced in painting regular crosswalks that help pedestrians cross the street, we also have a passion for design and executing custom crosswalks. We can deliver unique crosswalk painting projects like nothing you’ve seen before to help bring some personality to your property.

Athletic Courts & Playgrounds

Line markings on sport courts are essential to keep your game in order. At EverLine, we have accurate measurements for stand sport court markings and can also design fun painting projects for playgrounds. We’ve got you covered for all your athletic court and playground line marking needs!

Airport Runways and Helicopter Pads

Airplanes and helicopters need specific markings on runways and helipads in order to know where to land. We have experience painting runways and helipads with extreme precision and attention to detail to ensure the safety of those who use them.

Bike Lanes

Many people are making the switch to bike to work or just enjoy biking as a hobby. At EverLine, we’re able to accommodate the rise in bikers with our bike lane painting services. We’re able to paint these lines efficiently and help ensure that bike commuters can get around the city safely.

How to Prepare

There are a few things you can do to prepare for your upcoming line painting service to ensure the most efficient service possible. Before our crews arrive, please ensure that your parking lot or property is swept and free of any debris or obstacles that may obstruct our line painting equipment. We can help you sweep your parking lot with our sweeping services if needed. Please also ensure that there are no cars on your property, (if possible), as this will make it more difficult for us to complete your line painting services in a timely manner. A few days before your line painting service, inform any tenants or parking lot users that line painting will be completed. This helps our team avoid any distractions.

Line Painting Pricing

EverLine line painting services are priced on a per-job basis. Our rates will depend on the volume, difficulty, traffic, and materials required to complete your requested line painting project. This also helps us work within your budget to complete the line painting services you need. Our rates are very competitive and you’re sure to get the greatest value for your investment when you book with EverLine. Contact us to get a free estimate for your desired line painting project.

Line Painting

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