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A Step-by-Step Guide to Indoor Pickleball Court Line Markings

EverLine Coatings indoor pickleball court line markings.

Pickleball is a fun game with simple rules. It’s easy for beginners to learn, yet it can become a fast-paced competitive game. Pickleball courts can be made specifically for pickleball, or they can be converted from an existing tennis or badminton court. The popularity of indoor pickleball continues to grow rapidly, and more and more facilities are converting their tennis courts into pickleball courts. 

For a great pickleball experience, it’s important to have properly marked lines. Read on to discover how indoor pickleball court lines are marked accurately. 

The Basics of Indoor Pickleball Court Lines

The court pickleball is played on is the same size as a doubles badminton court and measures 20 x 44 feet. It is striped similar to a tennis court with right and left service areas and a seven-foot non-volley zone in front of the net (also called the “kitchen”). 

Standard pickleball lines are two inches wide. Most pickleball courts are asphalt. If pickleball court lines are being marked over your current tennis or basketball court, consider the paint choice carefully, and decide if you’ll use a padded surface or not. Cushioned coatings are installed by pro contractors and can be much easier on pickleball participants. 

Preparation and Tools

When you get professional, permanent line markings on your indoor pickleball courts, you’re sure to provide an exceptional experience for those who play. However, if you want to ensure you want permanent line markings before installing them, take a step in that direction by first marking lines on your multipurpose courts. Here’s what you’ll need to do so: 

  • Green Frog Tape to create line stencils. This type of tape adheres better to the court and won’t leave residue when removed. It won’t interfere with tennis court lines. Each new court will take a minimum of 200 feet of tape. 
  • One 25-foot tape measure, and one 50-foot tape measure
  • Chalk 

Step-by-Step Guide to Indoor Line Marking

1. Measure a 44-foot straight line (from A to B). 

Apply tape to the inside of your 44-foot straight line. 

2. Measure 20 feet (from A to C) and 48.33 feet (from B to C).

Mark point C where the two tape measures meet. Add tape to the inside of your line (from A to C). 

3. Measure 44 feet (from C to D) and 20 feet (from B to D).

Mark point D where the two tape measures meet. Apply tape to the inside of your lines (from C to D and B to D). 

4. Create the non-volley zones and net placement.

Measure down lines AB and CD and draw marks at 15, 22, and 29 feet. Connect the lines by adding tape to the inside of your 15 and 29 lines (22 is where the net goes). 

5. Create centerlines by measuring down lines AC and BD (draw marks at 10 feet).

Measure down the non-volley lines and draw marks at 10 feet. Connect the lines by applying tape centered along the line. 

Tips for a Professional Finish

If you’d like to create an indoor pickleball court with professional line markings, our expert team at EverLine Coatings and Services can help. We offer premium line painting that lasts two to four times longer than ordinary traffic paint. TBL Durables are exclusively available and expertly installed by our qualified team of professionals. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t use duct tape or blue painter’s tape.

Duct tape can ruin the court surface when removed. Blue painter’s tape disengages from the court quicker. 

Don’t use materials on your flooring without trying them in a non-conspicuous area first.

Don’t risk damaging your building’s flooring by using paint or tape that could harm it. 

Don’t try to apply permanent indoor line markings yourself. 

If you want permanent line markings for indoor pickleball—contact the pros (like us!) so it is installed right the first time. 

Durable Flooring Solutions and Interior Line Painting

You can have stunning, enduring commercial flooring including branded floor markings and slip-resistant sealants that help avoid accidents and keep your floors looking fabulous. We know customers judge a business by how it appears. From flooring to line painting and brand stenciling, we ensure your property looks excellent. 

At EverLine Coatings and Services, we developed a proprietary study and training course that ensures all team members are certified for each type of service we offer so you get high performing results that last. Learn more about our commercial flooring solutions.

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