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6 Benefits of Using Color-Coded Warehouse Flooring Markings

Interior line marking services for a client's warehouse by EverLine Coatings.

Want to elevate your warehouse management? In the bustling realm of industrial operations, precision and safety reign supreme! 

Discover how adopting color-coded systems in your industrial buildings will deliver valuable advantages including improving order in your warehouse and staff productivity. Streamline your processes and reach your goals faster with EverLine’s interior line painting services.

Warehouse Line Marking Benefits

1. Maximize Productivity 

Your employees will work in a more orderly and efficient way when they have clear boundaries and vivid visual directions, resulting in greater productivity as individuals and as a unit. 

2. Identify Permanent Aisles and Passageways

Separating pedestrian and vehicle circulation with proper line marking on your warehouse floor will promote order, organization, and safety. Aisles should be clearly marked to keep pedestrians in safe areas where they won’t be susceptible to accident or injury. 

3. Create Visible Signals for Workers

Floor line marking in your warehouse offers 24/7 direction for your workers. Lines can be used for a variety of helpful results such as outlining work stations, directing traffic flow, indicating hazards, and more. Most facilities follow the same warehouse floor marking standards. They have been established and adopted over the last few decades and they are followed in nearly all facilities. The following explains the standard colors used in warehouses today. They include: 

  • Yellow is used for aisle ways, work cells, and traffic lanes.
  • White marks equipment and fixtures not otherwise color coded (workstations, carte, floor stand displays, racks, machines and more). 
  • Red is used for defective equipment, scraps, rework, and more.
  • Orange indicates materials or products are being held for inspection. 
  • Blue, green, and black indicate materials including raw materials, work in progress, or finished goods. 
  • Red and white stripes are used to mark areas that should remain clear to ensure safety and compliance reasons (areas in front of electrical panels, firefighting equipment and safety equipment, such as eyewash stations, safety showers and first aid stations). 
  • Black and white stripes are used to keep an area clear for operational purposes rather than safety and compliance standards.  
  • Black and yellow stripes indicate the area poses a physical or health threat or hazard to workers. 

4. Decrease Workplace Accidents

Safety at work is vital, and proper floor marking in your industrial building helps lower the possibility of injuries in the workplace. This simple, effective tool communicates appropriate boundaries for people and machinery and enhances the safety of both. 

5. Lessen the Number of Workers’ Compensation Claims

While this is not the main reason to put safety markings on your flooring, it’s still important. Worker’s compensation claims have the potential to drain your profit margins, increase your insurance premiums, and taint your good name in the community. Avoid the negative impact of worker’s compensation claims by preventing accidents in the first place. 

6. Contributes to Efficient Onboarding and Training

Color-coded warehouse flooring markings enhance your efficiency in training new workers. The markings take the guesswork out of the warehouse’s divisions, work stations, traffic flow and more. They help prevent accidents with new employees who are just learning the ropes because workers have visible direction on what to do and not do, which contributes to their safety and productivity. Vivid, colored line markings on the floors of your buildings help direct people and machinery in an orderly way that streamlines your onboarding process. 

Well Marked Safety Signs in Your Warehouse

When an accident occurs, one of your employees will need to quickly respond by locating the first aid kit, the fire extinguisher, or other items to respond promptly and appropriately according to what is needed at the moment. You can prevent a bad situation from becoming worse by identifying with proper safety signs where help can be quickly accessed in your warehouse. 

Get Color-Coded Warehouse Markings for Your Industrial Buildings

If you’re ready to enhance your organizational efficiency and results, EverLine Coatings’ interior line painting service can help. We’ll assist you in visually clarifying boundaries and directions for people and vehicles to safely maneuver throughout your warehouse—with clear, durable, colored line painting on your flooring. 

Take a moment to learn more about how our durable interior line painting services can minimize liability risks and maximize your warehouse’s efficiency and safety.  

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