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EverLine Coatings & Services Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

ROAD LINE PAINTING COMPANY REPURPOSES EQUIPMENT FOR SURFACE DISINFECTING ACROSS CANADA TO KILL VIRUS AND SLOW SPREAD Canada – March 26, 2020: Today, EverLine Coatings & Services announced that it is the first in the world to repurpose its line painting equipment to become mobile disinfectors as a response to [...]

March 26th, 2020|

COVID-19 Response Policy and Procedure for Our Clients

(If you are looking for information about our COVID-19 Surface Disinfection service, click here) To our valued clients, The global pandemic COVID-19 virus is a significant development that no one should take lightly. There is an active push by governments around the world to "flatten the curve" of the highly [...]

March 17th, 2020|

How Power Washing Can Make Your Property Look Like New

At EverLine Coatings and Services, we are proud to offer our professional power washing services to our clients across Canada. If your property is starting to look dingy or it just isn’t shining the way it used to, chances are it is in need of our power washing services! Let’s [...]

March 10th, 2020|

My Experience on Dragons’ Den

Hi, I’m John Evans, a Canadian entrepreneur who has focused on legitimizing and expanding businesses within traditionally ‘underdeveloped’ industries by utilizing advanced business development strategies. I have experience running or being a part of small businesses growing up in Brockville, Ontario - however my journey really began as a student [...]

November 12th, 2019|

Speed Bumps – Why They are Important for Parking Lots

Everyone knows that speed bumps and speed humps exist in parking lots to slow down traffic and prevent accidents from occurring. Given that parking lots have a high concentration of pedestrian traffic, it’s important to slow down vehicles for pedestrian safety. In this month’s article, we will go over some [...]

November 5th, 2019|