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Vancouver Office General Manager: Arjay Ratcliffe

Arjay’s humble beginnings began in the trenches with EverLine’s Founder during successful summers with College Pro Painters almost a decade ago. Having graduated from the University of Calgary with a business degree in Petroleum Land Management he pursued a career in Calgary’s volatile oil and gas market before the recession hit. Having often returned to his painting roots, it was a no brainer to partner with a visionary like John and a company like EverLine.

Arjay played lacrosse for 17 years, was the assistant coach for the U16 Team AB boys, and is very excited to attend lacrosse games in the Greater Vancouver area. He loves spending time outdoors, riding his motorcycle and is a Formula 1 fanatic.

“Without fail, EverLine employees have expressed to me the value and fulfillment they feel from working at our head office in Calgary, and I saw firsthand the experience employees felt at every level, and it shows in their low turnover. This really is a company that cares about its clients and its people and we’re revolutionizing the industry and the contractor/client relationship.”

Why Choose EverLine?

EverLine Coatings and Services is driven to be the best parking lot and property maintenance services provider in Canada. We are committed to delivering high quality services that always exceed our clients expectations. At EverLine we have three keys to our success that set us apart from our competitors; our quality is systemized, we constantly innovate and we always answer the call. Building our services around these keys has allowed us to keep growing throughout Canada and deliver high quality projects. We are always at the cutting edge of products and equipment and no matter what service you need, no matter when you need it done, our crews can handle it.

Our Vancouver Services

Parking Lot
Line Painting

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Parking Lot

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Asphalt Sealing
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Cover Installation

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FAQ About our Vancouver Services

While it does depend on traffic, surface quality and general usage of the parking lot, it is very common to repaint once a year. For high traffic areas it is a good idea to repaint twice per year.

We understand it may be a pain to repaint every year. That is where our TBL Durables material comes in! TBL Durables is our durable line paint that chemically bonds to asphalt that will last 3 times longer than standard traffic paint. It stands up to Canada’s harsh winters and will ensure that your traffic markings stay visible all year round, for many years!

The durability of interior lines depends on many factors. In harsh environments that have forklifts, skids and other heavy equipment going over lines – specialty products are required. Good thing EverLine is the interior line painting specialist! We have products that have proven to last years in harsh environments

We will consult with our clients on the best combination of products that will last the longest on any budget.

At each EverLine location we have line painting crews available to complete a line painting project whenever it is convenient for your business. This means we are available on nights and weekends so we can best serve you.
All of the EverLine locations employ multiple line painting crews and this allows us to respond to immediate line painting project requests. So if your business needs a line painting project taken care of immediately our painting crews are ready to help you.
At EverLine we understand that parking garages have circumstances and requirements that vary from an outdoor parking lot. Parking garages require specialized line painting treatments and the painting experts at EverLine can help. Our line painting crews are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to providing line painting services for parking garages.
It is most economically friendly to repaint your parking lot at least once per year. If you wait too long, your lines may fade away entirely and the cost for doing a new layout of the lines is quite higher than just having a regular maintenance program.

Once the snow melts, the parking lots must be swept to remove gravel, dirt and debris before we can paint. Once that is done, we can come in and paint the lines! Any asphalt crack filling, seal coating and repair should be done before the line painting gets started.

Asphalt should be seal coated every 2-4 years depending on traffic, exposure to the elements and usage.
EverLine is proud to offer crack filling services out of all of our locations. It is important to take care of any cracks that have appeared in your asphalt as 75% of asphalt cracks become potholes. We are more than happy to help with all of your asphalt maintenance needs.
At EverLine we understand businesses have varying needs and we are here to serve you when it best suits your business. This means that we have parking lot sweeping crews ready to clean your parking lot on weekends and overnight. We will provide exceptional parking lot sweeping services whenever you need us.
Sweeping a parking garage provides specific challenges that sweeping an outdoor parking lot does not. This means you need sweeping professionals that are experienced and knowledgeable in sweeping parking garages. At EverLine we have these professionals, we have multiple sweeping crews at each location that provide remarkable parking garage cleaning services.

We wish! When the temperatures go below 6 degrees Celsius, it is too cold for the paint to properly cure. Any paint applied below this temperature has compromised durability and you will not get the value for your money.

The best time of year to do line painting is during the Spring, Summer and Fall months.

Yes we do!

Since we are not doing any line painting or parking lot maintenance services in the winter, our same professional approach to project management that we use throughout our thousands of projects during the summer time works very well during the winter months. We make sure that snow removal crews are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be, and that they are completing it in an efficient manner.

EverLine Coatings and Services has found consistent success by having all employees follow the “EverLine CORE Quality System”. This system ensures that our clients are well informed of your vision with a clear working scope provided to our crews. We have real-time operations reports submitted to us so that our management and clients are fully aware of the status of each project. We reach out to ensure that our clients are totally satisfied. Finally we review our procedures, work and application methods to constantly improve.